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What is a obtuse?

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an angle that is bigger than 90 dergrees but lower than 180 dergrees

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What is the angle that measures 170 degrees?

It is an obtuse angle. It is an obtuse angle. It is an obtuse angle. It is an obtuse angle.

What triangle has an obtuse angle?

An obtuse triangle has an obtuse angle.

is the triangle acute, right, or obtuse?


Does an acute triangle have obtuse angles?

No, an obtuse triangles has one obtuse angle and two acute angles. If a triangle has an obtuse angle, it is considered obtuse and cannot be acute.

Do a obtuse triangle has 3 obtuse angles?

no, it only has 1 obtuse angle.

Is 85 acute or obtuse?


Why is a obtuse angle called a obtuse angle?

A obtuse angle is called an obtuse angle because if obtuse means bigger in degrees and a right angle is 90 degrees than a obtuse angle must be over 90 degrees.

What type of triangle has an angle that measures 120 degrees?

An obtuse angled triangle.An obtuse angled triangle.An obtuse angled triangle.An obtuse angled triangle.

An obtuse triangle can have two obtuse angles?

No an abtuse triangle can not have two obtuse angles

Can a triangle be both acute and obtuse?

No, because if there is on obtuse angle the triangle will always be obtuse.

Can an obtuse triangle also be equilateral?

No if one angle is obtuse then they can't all be obtuse

How many obtuse angles does a obtuse triangle have?

its only possible to have one obtuse angle.

What is a triangle with an obtuse angle?

obtuse triangle

What are some obtuse shapes?

a obtuse triangle can be

What angles does a heptagon have obtuse or reflex?


A triangle with 1 obtuse angle?

A triangle with 1 obtuse angle is called an obtuse triangle.

What are the angles in an obtuse triangle?

An obtuse triangle has 1 obtuse angle and 2 acute angles

What is a triangle with 1 obtuse angle and no equal sides?

Obtuse Triangle- An obtuse triangle has one angle that is bigger than 90 degrees (Obtuse angle). The following is an obtuse triangle. ! Hope it helped:')

Which shapes have an obtuse angle?

Obtuse triangles have an obtuse angle, and regular shapes with a number of sides equal to or greater than five have angles that are all obtuse.

What do you call a triangle containing one obtuse angle?

A triangle containing an obtuse angle is an obtuse triangle.

If one of two vertical angles is obtuse then is the other obtuse?

name two obtuse vertical angles.

Can an equiangular triangle be obtuse?

I don't think so because obtuse triangle has one obtuse angle

How many angles does an obtuse angle have?

an obtuse angle has 2 angles. Obtuse angle: _/-acute / right

Do octagons have obtuse angles?

Yes. It must have an obtuse angle.

What would the range of the angles obtuse and acute be if you added them togetther?

obtuse + acute = obtuse or straight or reflex.