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Rhinos are solotary, therefore do not ever form packs

^Wrong! Scientist have done a new study showing that Rhinos do gather a pack together for a period of 6 weeks a year (mating season). Therefore scientist have named a pack of rhinos, a Rhijelly.

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A group of Spotted Hyenas is called a Clan.

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A group of hippos is often referred to as a crash, bloat, herd, pod or dale.

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A group of kangaroos is a mob or herd.

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Q: What is a pack of spotted hyenas called?
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What do they call a pack of hyenas?

A pack or group of hyenas are called a cackle.

Which is stronger brown hyenas or spotted hyenas?


Where in Asia are spotted hyenas live?

Spotted hyenas only live in Africa, south of the Sahara Desert.

Is hyena spotted?

Only spotted hyenas are not the other one

Do spotted hyenas have predators?

Lions kill hyenas given the opportunity.

What is a jaguar group called?

A Pack a spotted heard

Where are spotted hyenas found?

in Africa

What are spotted hyenas weaknesses?


Where do spotted hyenas usually sleep?

Spotted hyenas usually sleep near trees or in underbrush. This provides a level of protection when they are resting.

Why do female hyenas lead the pack and not the males?

The female spotted hyena is considerably bigger and stronger than the male, which is why the females run the hyena 'clans'.

How long do spotted hyenas live to be?

hyenas live to be 25 years old

What are the predators in the movie the Lion King?

Hyenas were the predators (probably spotted hyenas).