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What is a pardon for sins in Medieval Europe?

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Indulgencesits what many people point to as the paragon of corruption. the church said that if you paid a certain amount of money, then the clergy man could issue you a pardon, which would erase the stain of your sins from your soul. basically the money lined the pockets of the priests and took money frm the poor--so people didnt like it. (Martin Luther protested them)

Roman Catholic answer: There were never any pardons for any sins in exchange for money. A pardon for sin comes from God and is given to men in the sacrament of Confession or Penance. An indulgence is a remission of the temporal punishment due to sin and is only given for a sin that has already been absolved (forgiven in Confession). The temporal punishment is, like, if you were playing Baseball and you threw the ball and broke your neighbor's window. You go over, ring the door bell, confess what you have done, and ask pardon. Your neighbor (if they are nice!) forgives you. That would be confession and absolution. Now, you are all forgiven, guess what? The window is still broken, and in justice, you should pay to have it repaired, cause you are the one who broke it. You have already been forgiven, but justice demands that you make reparation. Similarly, any time you sin, you damage the Body of Christ (the Church: all the faithful) and justice demands that you make reparation. Jesus Christ in dying on the cross, and the prayers and actions of the saints in heaven, particularly Mary are more than sufficient to make up for all the damage we have done. The method in which those merits are applied to you is termed an indulgence. To gain an indulgence one must be in a state of grace, have gone to confession, and received Holy Communion. Then one must do the specific act for which an indulgence is to be granted. At one time, that act included a gift of money for a specific religious purpose, such as building a cathedral. The gift was abused, and people thought that all they had to do was pay the money for the indulgence. Please note: this never, ever had anything to do we being forgiven for sin. Because of the abuse, it was discontinued.

Paying money for a sacrament, or any holy, or blessed thing is the sin of simony.

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What was the life of a merchant in medieval Europe like?

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A share of land in medieval Europe?

a share of land in medieval Europe is called a fief.

Where is medieval Europe located?

It is located in Europe

What is the difference between medieval Europe and Byzantine Empire?

The difference is that medieval europe couldnt read and byzantine could read. Also medieval europe wasnt wealthy but byzantine was.

How did you go to hell in medieval times?

In medieval Europe, the various sins and moral failings that would cause you to go to hell after death were all defined by the Catholic Church. Most of these are the same as you would find today - suicide, homosexuality, witchcraft (not as popular in the teachings today), blasmephy, failure to confess your sins prior to death, etc.

Institutions that became less common in medieval Europe?

schools became less common in medieval Europe

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The one most powerful individual in Medieval Europe was Charlemagne.

Why did Moscow become and important city in Medieval Europe?

Moscow was a major trading center in Medieval Europe.

What best describes the political authority of Medieval Europe?

Medieval Europe was ruled by kings and aristocratic families.

When was The Rise of Magic in Early Medieval Europe created?

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Medieval Castle Names of Europe?

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What was the average life expectancy for women in medieval Europe?

The average life expectancy for women in medieval Europe was about forty years.

How were medieval Europe and the roman empire different?

Medieval Europe was smaller in size, and later in time than the Roman empire.

Why did people confess their sins in medieval time?

Roman Catholic AnswerFor the same reason they confessed their sins in the first century, or in this century: to be forgiven for those sins, because Jesus told them to.

What is a name for a Medieval minstrel beginning with g?

The medieval minstrel was known as a gleeman. They were common in medieval Europe.

Who is tamerlane?

he is a ruler of the Medieval Europe

What was the training of knights in medieval Europe?

Training for a Knight in Medieval Europe started from a very young age. It included living with a Knight.

Where were medieval tournaments held?

Most medieval tournaments were held in England and Europe

What did medieval priests do to get people to heaven?

they told them to confess their sins before its to late

Where was medieval Europe located?

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When was Medieval Europe?

Medieval Europe began about 500 A.D. and ended to become the Renaissance in about 1500 A.D. The Holy Roman Empire fell in 476 A.D. which was the start to the Medieval Age.

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