What is a parent of a baby foal?

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Which parent determines the babys gender?

The father determines the sex of the child. Whether the child is male or female depends on the combination of chromosomes in the sperm that fertilizes the egg. A man has both 'X' & 'Y' Chromosomes. A woman only has 'X'. One X will come from the mother & either another X will be released by the fathe ( Full Answer )

What parent eats the baby guppies?

The male and female will both eat the babies if they get the chance, but the female is the worst for it. Many people use breeder nets - put the mother when she's very pregnant in a separate aquarium inside a net that she can't fit through but that newborn fry can. When she gives birth, they swim out ( Full Answer )

What is a foal?

A foal is simply a young horse, a baby if you like. A colt is a young male horse under 3 years usually and a filly a young female horse under 3 years..

Which parent determines the sex of the baby?

I don't think that is known with any degree of certainty. Many factors influence the sex of the baby, including the regularity of intercourse, even the water supply - yes, really; in Liverpool they changed to a new source of water supply and the proportion of male babies rose.

How do parents have babies?

The man puts his man hood in to the women's hood and the man release white sticky stuff that makes the babies. The man sticks his private into the womans private and a white cell from the male called sperm cells go into to the woman and the sperm cell goes to a egg cell inside of the woman and after ( Full Answer )

How does a parent of a deaf baby feel about their baby?

They feel blessed becaue babies are blessings when they are brought to earth but they can't express how much they love they child or understand they child when they are young and deaf and have not been expose to sign language.. They feel blessed becaue babies are blessings when they are brought to ( Full Answer )

Can black parents have a white baby?

Yes Yep, but it is very very very very rare, indeed! A the previous replier showed, a black couple can produce a white baby. It is not "albinoism" as in an absense of skin melatonin. Think about it, if we all come from the same source (whether you're an evolutionist or a creationist you esse ( Full Answer )

At what age do foals leave their parents?

After about six months of life, the foal will leave its mother. Like walk around a distance away from her but the mother will not like it, they can be fully separated from their mothers from 8-12 months.

How do you tell your parents your having a baby?

There are a million ways you could do this.(underage) 1. Text your mom or call 2. sit and tell them straight 3. wait until you fully show then tell :) hopes this helps:))

Why do parents choose to have their babies baptised?

Parents like to have their children born in a certain country in order that they become citizens of that country and therefore entitled to all its benefits. It is the same with "citizenship" of the kingdom of God for Scriptrue says "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Sp ( Full Answer )

How can you get a foal?

If you mean buy a foal, you can buy a weanling at any breeder. If you mean have your own foal, and you do not have a stallion, you can buy a stud service. It is quite easy. You bring your mare to the stallions farm, and he will breed her and you pick your mare up, and 11 months of so later, you ha ( Full Answer )

Can your parents tell you what to do after you have your baby?

What a question! There are several variables to this. Is the mother underage? Does she live with her parents? Is the father of the baby involved? Does the baby's mother depend on her parents? This isn't a open and close question as you can see. However, if the new mother is out on her own, then NO t ( Full Answer )

Where is baby Spencer parents?

Well no one knows for sure who baby Spencer parents are but we know who takes care of him. Carly Shay

What is a baby foal called?

if its a girl foal then its a filly and if it a boy foal under the age of 1 then its a colt

Why do parents ignore you when they have a new baby?

If you are old enough to ask that question and then put it on line, surely you must also understand that a new baby takes a lot of attention. whether you like it or not you are obviously not a new born and perhaps if you became involved in your new siblings care you would not only get closer to your ( Full Answer )

Can a baby have dimples if neither parent has them?

It is possible if both parents have the recessive gene for dimples, but it is very unlikely that they baby will happen to receive the recessive gene from both parents. Although it CAN happen.

Is a foal a baby boy horse?

A baby boy horse is called a Colt. A foal is a general term referring to a baby horse. A filly is a baby girl horse

Why is a baby zebra called a foal?

Because in theory, a baby horse is a foal, and the zebra is cousins with the horse, so they share the same name. Much like Dog Pups and Wolf Pups.

Is a foal a baby horse and pony?

yes a foal is a baby horse or pony. The main differences between horses and ponys are, their sizes and builds. foals, colts, fillys, mares, stallions, geldings etc etc refer to both horses and ponys

What is the difference in parenting toddlers and babies?

The difference is that they can't really take care of themselves. Children can have snacks and teens can cook their own food, unlike the babies and toddlers have to be feed by the parents .The babies and toddlers have to stay in their crib until someone picks them up, unlike the children and teens. ( Full Answer )

Do foals look like there parents?

Foals will not look exactly like their parents, but will have picked up some characteristics from them. For example if the mum and dad are bay, there is a high chance that the foal will be bay but it isn't certain.

What to do if your parents baby you?

They do it because they love you. Give them time and you will see that as you become more mature they will eventually start treating you as an adult.

Do baby cichlids need their parents?

No. They are sometimes protected from other fish from their parents but sometimes the parents will eat the small fish.

Should parents baby talk to their baby?

It depends what is meant by baby talk and it is really important to discourage one type of baby talk but definitely not the other. There is a type of baby talk called " parentese " or " motherese" which is the way you hear most parents talk to their young babies. It is the natural way adults an ( Full Answer )

Are baby guppies identical to parent?

Most of the time no. Even if you breed two guppies of the same strain there will most likely be small differences in color patterns and a few other minor things.

What is the parent of a foal called?

The parent of a foal is called a filly or a mare. A filly is afemale horse under three and a female over three is considered amare.

What can you do with a foal?

Assuming you know how to care for one properly, you can hang out with it and do some small training things with it. Basically the only thing a horse needs to know, before it begins serious training at 2 years old, is how to lead, stand tied, and tolerate grooming and such.

What coat will have a foal if his parents are white and brown?

it can have any colour coat as before they are three they coat colour can change i had a foal which was brown at birth (his mum a white and his dad brown) when he was two he was showing sign of going roan but at three now he is a white pony so you never no if they will stay the same or not x thanks ( Full Answer )

Why might parents not be able to have a baby?

If you are already a parent you just assume you can reproduce again - not necessarily! There are many reasons, even assuming that you are trying with the same person who fathered the previous child (obv. if u have a new partner they may have trouble reproducing) Our bodies change as we get older. Ex ( Full Answer )

Why parents have there baby?

There are many reasons. Here are just a few Some, because they have a burning desire to have children. Some want to see their family line extended. Others have children because it is expected of them. Many, have babies because they didn't take precautions while enjoying intimate moments together ( Full Answer )

What type of animals are foals the baby of?

Foal is the name given to the infants that are one year old or younger from the equine family. Equines are more commonly known as horses. Yearlings are then known as either a colt (male), or filly (female).

Do parents care for their babies or not?

This question has varying answers as many people are extremely different in behaviors, attitudes, morals, etc. However, it is common that most parents have some degree of care for their babies (most care a lot for their children). Think of it this way, they house, clothe, feed, and have fun with the ( Full Answer )