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Pathological liars A pathological liar is someone who consistently lies (about anything- from the most mundane subject to detailed stories). They are very insecure people who lie to present themselves better than they really are.

For Ex: If you sold 20 chocolate bars, you say you sold 25, if you sold 25 you say you sold 30, they are never good enough, it can always be BETTER Therefore you need the lies to show a better image of yourself.

A pathological liar often believes the lies he is telling, he manages to convince himself they are true, in comparison to a compulsive liar who will lie for any reason, and knows they are lies but apparently can't stop himself from doing so.

Why the lie is more difficult, a pathological liar may not know he lies, he may believe himself to be as honest and trustworthy as anyone else. But a liar in general lies to make himself sound better and to avoid confrontation, and disappointing people.

Why it happens: They can't help themselves. sometimes they say something before they think. then they don't want to tell you it was incorrect even when they realize they lied because they don't want you to think of them as a bad person. Some of them actually believe their own lies until someone can show them proof that they are wrong. (this is how some people pass the lie detector test.) The sad truth is that most of them lie to build themselves up because they feel worthless. When they lie to you and you find out they lied, don't get mad. Sit down with them and tell them you know, tell them that you are still their friend no matter what, and let them know they are worth something to you. Make sure to tell them that it hurts your feelings when they lie and that it makes you feel like they think you are not worth the truth. This may make them realize that they don't want to make you feel the same bad way that they feel. Just don't let them get away with lying to you because they will think that there is nothing wrong with lying to you. (if this is a boyfriend or girlfriend, break it off now before you are too attached to do so. tell them you still want to be their friend, but you can't be with someone you can not trust. Without trust, there simply is no relationship.) You are worth the truth, and they need to realize that. If after you have reminded them of this fact more than 5 times they still lie, then they have proven to you that they don't care enough about you to stop lying to you. At that point they should be demoted from friend to acquaintance.
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Q: What is a pathological liar and why do they lie?
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What is the difference between a chronic liar and a pathological liar?

A Chronic liar will lie about everything knowing that it is a lie. A Pathological liar will begin to believe his/her lies are actually the truth

How do you know if a friend is a pathological liar?

you know your friend is a pathological liar basicly if they always have a tendency to lie and if they lie their way to deep in the lie to tell the truth. or if they constantly lie to cover up another lie and so on.

Can a pathological liar look you in the eyes and lie?

Anyone can look you in the eye and lie.

What is pathological?

pathalogical liar means a disease that makes you lie.

Why does Obama lie all the time?

Because he is a pathological liar

How do you use the word 'pathological' in a sentence?

The court thought he was a pathological liar to be able to lie about his wife's death

Does a pathological liar make a person think that another person in their lie is a patholigcal liar?

Yes, it it fairly common for a pathological liar try to make another person in their lie appear to be the pathological liar. A pathological liar does not like being caught in their lies and may try to set the stage for someone else to take the blame. Some pathological liars believe their own lies and may try to blame someone else for a false statement so that they can continue to believe their own lie.

What is the difference between a pathological liar and compulsive liar?

Pathological is illness, a compulsive liar feels the urge to lie, it can sort of become an illness because they can't stop themselves.

How do you identify pathological liar?

They lie when it would be easier to tell the truth.

Will someone who is a pathological liar lie to everyone and do they ever stop lying?

Someone who is a pathological liar will like to everyone. They will not stop lying without extensive forms of therapy.

If a pathological liar tells you he is lying are they telling the truth?

"Pathological liar" does not mean they always lie - just that they have an unhealthy compulsion to do so. They could well be telling the truth that time.

How can you tell if your girlfriend is a pathological liar?

If she is always lying to you, then she is a pathological liar.

How can you define a pathological liar but whom is completely aware that their lie isn't true but at the same time is able to act or make themselves believe to show that the lie is true?

A good liar.

What is Pathological liar means?

a pathological liar is someone who constantly tells lies.

Is there a mental illness When a person believes their lies?

Yes it is called Pathological Liar or Compulsive Liar. If someone is lying to gain something whether it be admiration, power, money, etc. this is a Pathological Liar. If someone is lying about everything even small details or changes stories around for no apparent reason this is a Compulsive Liar. I personally think both are dangerous and both can and/or will lie for some sort of gain. Usually a Compulsive Liar will lie, know it's a lie, and actually believe it. A Pathological Liar might know they are lying and not necessarily believe it but will defend it. Hope this helped.

What is the treatment to aid a pathological liar?

pathologically lie to him/her, until he/she realizes what your doing and quits, when he/she quits then you quit.

Can pathological liars beat liar detector tests?

In many cases, a pathological liar actually believes what they are sayingis true. This is a severmental disorderwhichrequires in-depth therapy. In that case, I believe it is possible for the lie to go undetected. Still, there are differences in opinion as to whether a pathological liar actually knows that what they are saying is indeed a lie. In other words, some would say the pathological liarknows that what they are saying is a lie, but can not help themselves and therefore state the lie. In this case, I believe the lie would be detected. AnswerYes some people can beat the lie detector test because it's not 100% accurate. As the above poster said a pathological liar may beat it, and also a well-trained person who controls their mind and heart rate can also beat it. There is experimentation's in the Army where soldiers are trained to beat any method of obtaining information. The brain is a wonderful thing.

How can you tell someone is a pathological liar?

You can tell that someone is a pathological liar if you catch them in lies often. If you consistently think that someone is lying, this could mean they are a pathological liar.

What are synonyms for a habitual liar?

pathological liar

What is the name of the disease where people lie?

Pathological liar is one term, compulsive liar is another. The terms have a slightly different meaning according to my medical dictionary.

How can you tell if you're a pathological liar?

Pathological liar is hard to noticed, it often exaggerate issues. Person may not be lying deliberately. He or she would think and believe in their lies completely. Their daily life often includes such far fetched sentences about many things. Pathological liar often lie in situations whenever they find it easy to do so.

Can you give me a sentence for pathological?

I can give you a couple. He is a pathological liar. The disease is pathological.

Does a pathological liar lie to himself?

Yes. Due to the malformation of the brain & brain chemistry in pathological people - they believe their own lies, even if it changes 5 minutes later.

Can a pathological liar also be a schizophrenic?

A pathological liar may also be schizophrenic. Both are defects in the brain and schizophrenia may be the cause of pathological lying.

Are pathological liars usually unfaithful to their spouses?

Not all pathological liars are unfaithful. The question is: Do you think the pathilogical liar cheated on the spouse? Well, if you asked the pathological liar if they cheated on their spouse and they said no. Then they did, Because they are Pathological liars. Which means they cant help but to lie. But, if they said they didn't cheat on their spouse before you asked them? It could mean that they are not lieing. Its a catch twenty-two. They best way to figure that one out is to ask yourself, "Can I or should I trust a pathological liar?"