What is a peashooter?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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A peashooter has a lower rank than a repeater.

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Q: What is a peashooter?
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Where is the peashooter on wild west island?

you get it when you become the marshall

What is a beanshooter?

A beanshooter is a peashooter, a small or toy gun, or a dialect term for a slingshot.

What is a weapon that starts with P?

pistol, pump-action shotgun, peashooter, pickax

What are the release dates for Mail Call - 2002 Ballista Pedersen Device Peashooter 6-1?

Mail Call - 2002 Ballista Pedersen Device Peashooter 6-1 was released on: USA: 4 March 2005

What is better out of a desert eagle or a pea shooter?

Desert Eagle's fit your every need, Trust no Peashooter.

What are the new Plants vs Zombies 2 characters?

peashooter,tallnut spikeweed,blover,crazyjack,jackinthebox zombie,wallnut,squash,

Does anybody have the peashooter on borderlands?

Lots do it's a modded gun used to get out of the map just ask around online borderlands a bit

How to use the peashooter in sims 3 supernatural?

Just place one and when there are 'zombies on your lawn' it will automatically shot them. You can also interact with it in the normal fashion (Left Click), this allows you to play catch with it.

Where do you get thr peashooter in poptropica?

U gotta find marshall Taylor and then he will give u the badge and after go to the portrait stand take ur pic then give it to the cop and he will give u the pea shooter

What is the weakest plant in plants vs zombie?

it depends what zombie. most zombies have none but there are special techniques for some:normal: one peashooterflag: one peashooter, like normal but with a huge waveCone: two peashooterspole vaulting: tall nut and one peashooterbuckethead: four peashootersnewspaper: kill quickly and two peashootersscreen door:fumeshroom or spikeweedfootball: many repeaters or gatlings. Ice or fire peas are helpful.dancing zombie: cherry bomb, fume shroom, three peater, jalapeno, freezing.ducky tube: one peashooter on water.snorkel: one peashooter and one wall nut to lure it out and buy time.zomboni: jalapeno, spikeweed.zombie bobsled: take out ice trail with jalapeno and kill with two peashooters.dolphin zombies: tall nut on water.jack in the box: Two peashooters, take out quickly.balloon: cactus, cattail, bloverminers: magnet shroom, mine, split peapogo: ice, kill quickly, magnet shroom, tall nutyeti: very hard and rare gatlings with fire. Kill quickly for 4 diamondsbungee: umbrella leaf, chomper, instant killers.ladder: spikeweed, jalapeno, magnetshroomcatapult: spikeweed, instant killers, umbrella leaf.gargantuar: two instant killers, many gatlings with fire.imp: three hitstrash can: one peashooter, it is mainly a meat shield

How did the tacks tax become international problem in the puscart war?

The Tacks Tax was a tax on tax after the discovery of the "Pea-Tacks" found in truck tires during the Peashooter Campaign during the Pustcart War. If you want to know more about the Tacks Tax read, The Pushcart War by Jean Merril.

How do you get the pea shooter in poptropica?

You get the peashooter by first going to diamond plains and giving the letter to the marshall in the root beer saloon. When he gives you the marshall badge, go back to dusty gulch and get a portrait of yourself. After that, go back to diamond plains and give the portrait to the person in the marshalls office, and then you get the peashooter.