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Traceur for male, and traceuse for females.

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Bianka Katalin Nagy

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No, its parkourer for male and parkourette/parkourtress for female
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parkurista. :)

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traceurs or free runnners

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Q: What is a person who does parkour called?
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When did the person who invented parkour die?

David Belle is the inventor of parkour but he didn't die,he made a movie called district 13.

Are there any Parkour or Freerunning clubs in Reading PA?

There is one called Whirlwind Parkour.

Who invented parkour?

David Belle is the person who inveted parkour with co creater Sebastian Foucan. (they are both french!)

What is it called when someone is doing parkour?


Am I the only person who doesn't like parkour?

A lot of people do not see parkour in a positive light, so you are not the only one.

What is the Minecraft parkour called when you have something blocking you and the block two blocks ahead of you and you need to jump from the side?


What is bad about parkour?

There is a risk of (possibly fatal) injury if a person performing Parkour makes a mistake and falls from a great heighth to a hard surface below.

How do you use parkour in a sentence?

I did parkour yesterday. I am doing parkour today. I will be doing parkour later on today.

What defines parkour?

The definition of parkour is individualistic, practitioners of parkour define parkour in their own way. However, all people can agree parkour is the freedom of movement.

Who made parkour?

David Belle is the founder of parkour, but no one 'made' parkour.

Why is parkour called parkour?

Parkour is a French word for method of movement focused on moving around obstacles with speed and efficiency. Parkour is also called Freerunnning. Parkour can be very easy if you set a goal to do it. All you have to do is set your mind to do it, find the right are, and go! Working out and building muscle is a key in freerunning. The first thing you should learn is the Dive Roll. Then the front handspring and/or the Kong Jump. OH! And learning how to hop a fence wuickly would be useful. Trust me... Im a freerunner myself.

If someone who does free running is called a free runer what is someone who does parkour called?

a parkourist or a parkourite