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What is a pink pigeon?

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A Pink Pigeon is a very rare breed of Pigeon that is found in Mauritius.

They really are partly pink. Gerald Durrell even wrote a book about them.

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Can you have a pink pigeon?

yes if you die it pink

Where does the pink pigeon live?

costal plain

What birds are in Mauritius?

pink pigeon, kestrel, moineau, pigeon, paille en queue, martin

Is all pigeon poop white?

It all depends on what the pigeon eats. If the pigeon eats berries its poop would be a purplish pink kind of color.

What are the types of pigeons?

Rock dove, Pink pigeon, Eurasian collared dove, Wood-pigeon, Mourning dove, Magnificent fruit pigeon, New Zealand pigeon, Victoria crowned pigeon, Crowned sandgrouse and Namaqua sandgrouse.

What is pigeon?

Pigeon is a bird which are present in heavy populations in certain parts of the world. Its grey in colour with a touch of black on its wings and a green and pink shiny shade on its neck . It has a very small beak .

What is the offspring of a pigeon?

The offspring of a pigeon is also a pigeon

What is the spanish for the word of 'pigeon'?

Pigeon - Paloma

How many days before the egg of pigeon become pigeon?

The eggs of the pigeon are pigeon from the start, and are only pigeon.

Can any pigeon be a homing pigeon?

No, a homing pigeon is a particular breed of pigeon that is used in contests.

What is sentence for pigeon?

He has a pet pigeon.She claims that her pigeon can talk.

How do you pronounce pigeon?


What is the Gender of pigeon?

A male pigeon is a cock and a female pigeon is a hen.

What is pigeon grease?

Pigeon grease is the oils and powder down of a pigeon.

Is a pigeon an amphibian?

No, a pigeon is a bird. A pigeon belongs to the class Aves.

What is the opposite gender of cock-pigeon?

Hen-pigeon is a female.

What are the types of doves?

There are llots heres some: Barbary Dove, Diamond Dove, Green Wing Dove, Mourning Dove, White Dove, Ringneck Dove, Senegal Dove, Spotted Dove, Bleeding-heart Pigeon, Brunner Pouter Pigeon, Budapest Tumbler Pigeon, Chinese Owl Pigeon, Crested Pigeon, English Trumpeter Pigeon, Indian Fantail Pigeon, Maltese Pigeon, Old German Owl Pigeon, Oriental Frill Pigeon, Purple-breasted Fruit Pigeon, Rock Pigeon - Common Pigeon, Valencian Figurita Pigeon, and the West of England Tumbler Pigeon. Among the most popular types are white doves and turtle doves.

When is a pigeon not a pigeon in religious views?

I regret to inform you that a pigeon is a pigeon and I doubt any religious views would contradict this.

How do you know if a pigeon is a homing pigeon?

When you contact a fancier, you will get a true racing pigeon.

What is the home of pigeon?

A pigeon hole :)

Is the Victoria Crowned Pigeon related to the Southern Crowned Pigeon?

Yes, the Victoria Crowned pigeon is related to the Southern Crowned pigeon.

Where is the Pigeon District Library in Pigeon located?

The address of the Pigeon District Library is: 7236 Nitz Street, Pigeon, 48755 0357

Are there pigeons in Australia?

Yes. There are many species of pigeons in Australia, both native and introduced. There are, in fact, about 22 species of native pigeon in Australia.Native pigeons in Australia include:Common bronzewing pigeonBrush bronzewingWonga PigeonCrested pigeonTopknot pigeonWhite-headed pigeonSpinifex pigeonSquatter pigeon

What is the opposite gender of pigeon?

A male pigeon is a cock and a female pigeon is a hen.

What sound does a pigeon make?

a pigeon coos

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