What is a pixie ticket id?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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A ticket to Pixie Lotts show

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Q: What is a pixie ticket id?
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What is a account id on pixie hollow?

An Account Id on Pixie Hollow is a Username. Pixie Hollow calls it an Account Id. There is not a big difference

What is an account id on pixie hollow?

An account id is saying like your username to log in pixie hollow.

How do you change your account id at pixie hollow?

spell icup

What is a pixie hollow account id not taken?

Probably no one has the ID StupidSparrow123, but I doubt it's allowed...

Do you need an ID to buy a plane ticket to Mexico?

To buy the plane ticket to Mexico, no... there is no ID required. But to USE that ticket and GO to Mexico then yes, you will need a passport and that will be your ID.

What is your username and password to ticket to read?

Your ticket to read user name is your lunch number.Your password id is your school id.

Does anyone have a pixie hollow membership id and pass?

You are not allowed to re-use your membership pass or give out personal info on Pixie Hollow.

How much does a fake id ticket cost?

Its a felony in most places not a ticket lol.

How do you save fairies?

like in pixie hollow well you can quit and leave pixie hollow but you must remember your account id and your password if you do you can get in - log in or get out - log out anytime you want.

What ID is required for a plane ticket?

Check with the airlines, but usually a photo ID, and a valid passport.

What is the account id for the person with the password that's budge because that's my password and i cant remember my account id?

Please contact the Pixie Hollow website as they can help you find your Account ID.

What happens if you don't put your real name on a six flags season pass?

At the gate, they will ask you for an ID. If the name on the ID does not match the name on the ticket you will not be able to get in. The only stipulation is if the ticket is for a child in which case they will not require an ID.