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Platelets are disk-shaped blood cells that are also called thrombocytes. They play a major role in the blood-clotting process. The platelet aggregation test is a measure of platelet function.

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Q: What is a platelet aggregation test?
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What test is used to evaluate platelet function?

Platelet aggregation test.

What is a platelet aggregation test agonist?

A chemical that is added to the blood sample in the platelet aggregation test to stimulate the clumping process.

Are there any medication restrictions before a platelet aggregation test?

There are many medications that can affect the results of the platelet aggregation test. The patient should discontinue as many as possible beforehand.

What machine is used to count platelets in an aggregation test?

The platelet aggregation test uses a machine called an aggregometer to measure the cloudiness (turbidity) of blood plasma

What effect does alcohol have on platlet test?

Moderate alcohol consumption reduces platelet aggregation (blood clots) that can be fatal.

How does a platelet aggregation test work?

aids in the evaluation of bleeding disorders by measuring the rate and degree to which platelets form a clump (aggregate) after the addition of a chemical that stimulates clumping (aggregation).

Ibuprofen cause excessive bleeding?

Ibuprofen inhibits platelet aggregation.

Can taking aspirin help to disperse a haematoma?

aspirin decrease platelet aggregation

How is a blood platelet disorder diagnosed?

A blood platelet count and bleeding time are common screening tests. If these tests confirm that the symptoms are due to impaired platelet function, further tests are done--such as platelet aggregation or an analysis of the platelet proteins

What kind of inhibitor is carbon monoxide?

Carbon monoxide inhibit blood platelet aggregation.

What is an aminochromone?

An aminochromone is an amino derivative of a chromone, some of which block human platelet aggregation.

What medications affect platelet aggregation tests?

drugs that can decrease platelet aggregation include aspirin, some antibiotics, beta blockers, dextran (Macrodex), alcohol, heparin (Lipo-Hepin), nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), tricyclic antidepressants, and warfarin

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