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What is a possible diagnosis of muscle cramps in the legs and absence of reflex?

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2011-12-12 20:27:07

Now how about an answer from someone who knows how painful and

annoying leg cramps can be? Read below:

Having had "charley horse" cramps since I was quite young I have

looked for answers to this question for years. I found out that

there are two things that are believed to cause muscle cramps. Low

potassium is one and dehydration is the other. I read this in

several web sites and/or medical "lifestyle-type" books. I've been

told it is necessary to eat a banana(a good source of potassium)

every day. As for water( I read this on line)- I found that if I

drink about 12- 20 ounces of water several times a day-I don't have

cramps AND generally feel better anyway!

Although I have never read about this, I personally came upon

this solution myself:For several years now, I have found that

drinking a cup of warm milk relieved the cramps- I don't think

there is any reason for this-maybe it helped me to relax?

Hope this proves to be

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