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Q: What is a postmans mail bag called?
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What is postman's bag called?


When was Postmans Trade Union created?

Postmans Trade Union was created in 2008.

What does the Postmans Hat do in Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask?

The Postmans Hat allows you to check mailboxes for Rupees and a Heart Piece.

What is the postal address for sans mail bag?

SAMs mail bag footy show

How do you get the blue mail bag?

The blue mail bag is from July 2008 from the first day of the penguin mail update as a gift chances are it won't come back again.

What is the charge for stealing a postmans trolley?

Larceny from the US Government - a felony.

Is mail an acronym?

No, mail is a normal word derived from an old word for satchel or bag.

In Neil Postmans The Disappearance of Childhood he hooks his readers with careful?

sentence organization

How do you mail a pringle?

zip lock bag lol

How do you handle bulk mail?

Place it in a bag of milk

Blanket-like leather bag used for carrying the mail?

A mochila is a blanket like leather bag once used to carry mail.

What is a soldiers canvas bag called?

A soldier's canvas bag is called a duffle bag.