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A transformer is a static machine utilized for changing force starting with one circuit then onto the next without evolving recurrence. This is an exceptionally fundamental meaning of transformer.

The historical backdrop of transformer was started in the year 1880. In the year 1950, 400KV electrical force transformer was presented in high voltage electrical force framework. In the mid 1970s, unit rating as expansive as 1100MVA was delivered and 800KV and considerably higher KV class Transformers were produced in year of 1980.

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What is the difference between transformer and power transformer?

A transformer is something that can change.A power transformer is something from the Transformers films.AnswerA 'power transformer' is simply a category of transformer type. It is used in transmission systems as opposed to a 'distribution transformer' which is used in distribution systems.

What is meant by the term ideal transformer?

ideal transformer is that which has no power losses.if any transformer transfer power to secondary without power loss then that call a ideal transformer

Is transformer an amplifier?

No. In an amplifier, Power Out > Power in. In a transformer Power Out ~= Power In (minus internal losses). An AC generator is more like an amplifier than a transformer.

What is the difference between power transformer and instrument transformer?

A power transformer is used to provide power (to your home, for example), an instrument transformer is used to measure voltage or current (for metering, for example).

What is a sentence for the word 'transformer'?

The transformer needs to be fixed or there will be no power.

What will happen you f the rated power of transformer is changed?

You cannot 'change' the 'rated power' of a transformer except by changing the transformer for another one. You can, though, operate the transformer below its rated power or, for short periods of time, operate the transformer aboveits rated power.

What does LT stand for in power transformer?

Transformer Inductance?

How traction transformer differ from power transformer?


What is difference between transformer and auto transformer?

The main difference between auto and power transformer is ,that auto transformer has only single winding,but the power transformer has two spearte winding for HV,and LV," the second difference is vary important ,that is auto transformer work as a self induction rule,but the power transformer work on as a mutual induction rule.

Is power transformer transform power?

transformers usually change voltagepower remains almost the samedepending on the quantity of iron and copper the transformer well have a power rating25 pounds of iron and copper gives you about a killowattPOWER Transformer is usually caled than because the entire power used in the device(connected machine) goes thru the transformerAnswerIf you are asking what a power transformer is, then it is a category of transformer used in the electricity transmission and primary distribution systems.

How a rectifier transformer deffer from a power transformer?

rectifier transformer converts acinto dc.but,power transformer convert step up or step down ac energy without changing frequency

Bil of power transformer?

B.I.L. stands for Basic Impulse Level for the transformer. It should be on the faceplate of the transformer.

Is a potential transformer the same as a power transformer?

No actually not, there are many differences in so many things (1)Size:- Potential transformer has very smaller size then Power Transformer. (2)Capacity:- Power transformer is designed to work on kilo amperes where potential transformer has almost negligible current during operation. (3)Utility:- Potential Transformer is used to convert very high voltage to very low voltage and output is connected to a voltmeter which is calibrated accordingly to measure high voltage,where Power Transformer is used in transmissions of power supply.

How do you find capacity of transformer?

Capacity ( Efficiency ) of Transformer can be found as below: ( Output power/ Input power ) * 100

Why transformer power factor taken unity?

It isn't! A transformer operating at no load has a very low power factor.

Why the power factor of a transformer is poor at no load?

The inductance of the transformer is much higher than the resistance of the transformer, resulting in very low real power losses (in watts), but some reactive power (vars).

What does the power rating of a transformer imply?

Knowing the power rating of a transformer will help an operator use the transformer within its design limitations with regard to heating of the windings and their insulation.

What is the main different between the power transformer and voltage transformer?

Voltage Tarnsformer transforms only voltage. While power transformer transforms both voltage and current.

Can a a electric substation in a city use transformers to increase the power output?

No! A transformer changes voltage levels, not power levels. In fact, the output power of a transformer is actually a little lower than its input power, due to the efficiency of a transformer.

How could you convert step up transformer into step down transformer?

Injecting power into the higher voltage winding of a transformer will make it act as a step down transformer; injecting power into the lower voltage winding will make it act as a step up transformer. A transformer can be used both ways.

What is the role of power transformer in power systems?

this the power tranformer in the power styome

What are the purposes of performing no load test for the transformer?

These two tests are performed on a transformer to determine (i) equivalent circuit of transformer(ii)voltage regulation of transformer(iii) efficiency of transformer. The power required for theseOpen Circuit test and Short Circuit test on transformeris equal to the power loss occurring in the transformer.

What does the power relatio0nship state on a transformer?

power in, and power out--input and output.

How much power is lost in a power distribution transformer under no load?

major component of power loss in a transformer is secondary resistance.when transformer is operated under no load,no current flows through the under no load conditions transformer has just very small megnetic losses.

Can 120 volt appliance work in 110 volt transformer?

Yes provided the transformer can supply enough current/power for the appliance. The voltage and power (watts) should be marked on both the appliance and the transformer. The power capability of the transformer has to be equal to or more than the amount required for the appliance.

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