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What is a prehistoric man?

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A prehistoric man is one who lived before written recorded history. For instance, during his/her era no one was using tools for writing historical happenings.

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What has the author Irving Rouse written?

Irving Rouse has written: 'Introduction to prehistory' -- subject(s): Anthropology, Prehistoric, Man, Prehistoric, Prehistoric Anthropology, Prehistoric Man 'Migrations in prehistory' -- subject(s): Anthropology, Prehistoric, Man, Man, Prehistoric, Migration, Prehistoric Anthropology, Prehistoric Man

When did prehistoric man live?

In prehistoric times

When was The Prehistoric Man Museum created?

The Prehistoric Man Museum was created in 1952.

What did prehistoric man do?

There are a number of things that the prehistoric man did. Fishing, hunting and gathering were the main activities they engaged in.

How was order maintained within the groups of prehistoric man?

How was order maintained within the group of prehistoric man

How did the mogolians surived?

The early man in prehistoric times they were called prehistoric.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Prehistoric Man - 1924?

The Prehistoric Man - 1924 is rated/received certificates of: UK:U

What has the author Carlo Ranzi written?

Carlo Ranzi has written: 'Seventy million years of man' -- subject(s): Human evolution, Man, Prehistoric, Prehistoric Man

Do the dinosaurs belong to the prehistoric era?

Prehistoric means before events where logged and recorded by man; all dinosaurs exisited in the prehistoric eras.

What is another name for prehistoric man?


Where was the first prehistoric man found?

in africA

How did prehistoric man use caves?

They slept in them.

How did prehistoric man make fire?

Prehistoric man could make fire by rubbing two pieces of wood or hitting flint stones together.

What has the author Norman Ault written?

Norman Ault has written: 'Life in ancient Britain' -- subject(s): Antiquities, Man, Prehistoric, Prehistoric Man

What is australeopithicus boise?

it is austalopithecus boisei and is a prehistoric man

What did prehistoric man barter with?

Anything they found valuable

Why did prehistoric man leave Africa to go to France?


Who invented the metal work?

An unknown man, in the prehistoric times.

Where was a skeleton of a prehistoric man found in Alabama?

Russell Cave

What is the English translation for el hombre prehistorico?

Prehistoric man.

What did prehistoric man use for money?

I don't know nn

How did prehistoric man measure heights in the Stone Age?

By comparison.


To eat, to enslave, to breed from.

Why did the prehistoric man have an advantage over other animals?

The brain.

What do all of the prehistoric periods have in common?

Only a very few of the whole prehistory contains the modern man.