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About $50 wth original case and paperwork.

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Casey Heaney

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Q: What is a presidential coin set mini mint collectors set?
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Solid bronze presidential coin value?

Do you know how much a solid bronze collectors set of franklin Mint presidential coins are worth? Please let me know by e-mailing me at

What is the value of a presidential coin set?

$72 in mint condition.

What is the value of a 1978 Eisenhower coin?

If it's not a uncirculated or proof collectors coin in the mint package spend it.

What is a mini mint presidential coin set collectors item value?

Value depends on condition of the coins themselves and the case if it is original. If in pristine conditions, I have seen them go for $75, but it really depends on what an individual is really willing to pay and the materials used in making the coins. Also, it is good to note that they are simple novelty items, not official mint coins.

Why isn't a proof coin a grade?

It's a collectors item the us mint produces

What is the 24kt presidential dollar coin worth from Franklin mint?

No numismatic value. A dollar for each coin maybe

What is the value of 35 piece solid bronze collector's set of Franklin Mint presidential coins 1968?

This type of coin, issued by a private mint, has no numismatic value to U.S. coin collectors. Their value is based only upon the worth of the metals used to produce them plus whatever value an individual may be willing to pay to own them.

How much is an uncirculated mint presidential dollar coin worth?

Current value is $1.75

Who buys coins 1977 Queen Elizabeth commemorative?

If it is uncirculated and in mint condition, or a cased "Proof" coin, coin collectors or maybe a coin dealer will buy it.

What is a mint condition coin?

A mint condition coin is a coin that is in pristine condition, as if it has just been produced at the mint. It will have no signs of wear, scratches, or damage, and the details on the coin will be sharp and well-defined. Mint condition coins are highly valued by collectors due to their rarity and quality.

Where is mint mark on Rutherford B. Hayes coin?

The mint mark on all modern presidential dollars is on the edge of the coin, along with the date and the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM.

What is a proof eisenhower silver coin?

A coin produced by the US Mint containing 90% silver and struck with a special die and was intended for collectors