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A primary cause for surface winds on the earth is the Earths Rotation.


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Uneven heating of the earth's surface

Primary cause? Differences in air temperatures (causing differences in air pressure, leading to winds as the system tries to 'fill' the lower pressure areas with air from the higher pressure areas.)

Because of the rotation of the earth and the shape

In the atmosphere which encloses the surface of the Earth.

The uneven heating of Earth's surface by the Sun

The winds which blow permanently in one direction throughout the year are primary winds.

Most surface waves are caused by wind systems. Earthquakes cause tsunamis.

the primary source of ocean currents is the sun but other direct energy sources are1. global wind patternsa. trade windsb. the westerly winds*wind is the cause of surface currents in the oceans.

The warming of the earth by the sun causes monsoon winds, it affects the area and cause the wind to be blown

Water's surface is dragged by global winds which cause it to build and move in the direction of the wind. The Coriolis effect deflects winds towards the Southern hemisphere.

Curving of winds and currents caused by Earth's rotation is called surface currents.

local winds-are winds that blow over short distances caused by unequal heating of the earths surface in a small area. global winds-are winds that blow around the earth from the north pole to the south pole.

the sun heats the air and this helps change the earth's surface

Local winds can be caused by uneven heating of the Earth's surface.

Surface winds and the sea bed movement of plates (these can cause tsunamis).

The uneven heating and cooling of the Earth's surface cause weather (winds, storm systems, etc.) and some aspects of climate.

no, it is actually the other way around

This caused by the rotation of the earth and is called the coriolis effect.

Global winds are caused by the unequal heating of the Earth's surface and by the rotation of the Earth.

The sun and uneven heating of the earth's surface causes all the weather.

unequal heating and cooling cause wind but when large parts of earth get uneven heating, it causes prevailing winds. I'm sorry that I can't find a second one. Suspicious.

Unequal heating over earths surface in a small to medium sized area cause local winds. These winds are very short lived usually not longer than a day.

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