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What is a proper way of saying awesome?


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The proper word or another way of saying awesome is the word 'stupendous'.

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amazing, good, awesome, and rocks

that would be Chinese because there is no other proper way of saying it

neat, groovy, sweet, awesome, nice, far out

People started saying awesome when they saw Julia and Kelsey:)

This is not proper English. Saying you did, you are going to, or you are in the process of, is an educated way to articulate your sentence.

Sodium chloride is the proper name for salt.

You must read the bible,understand what its saying and then you must do it !

"osm" is another way of saying "Awesome" That's what I've heard, anyway.

There isn't a difference. The first way is just the proper way of saying it.

It is a cool way of saying you rock while compariing it to socks. SOCKS R AWESOME!

"A minha irma" would be the proper way of saying "My sister" in Portuguese.

in every way they are awesome

Y Usted is Spanish for "and you". Usted is the proper/formal way of saying you in Spanish.

it means that someone is awesome

The proper way to type the Latin phrase is et al. The two words are italicized, and a period comes after the second word in the phrase. The phrase is an abbreviated way of saying 'et alia', which means 'and others'.

In exactly the same way: Awesome.

no, a proper noun of you would actually be saying the name

it is spelt sucka if you want to slang it the proper way of saying it though is sucker

Saying "kitties are awesome" is simply a manner of opinion. Some people love cats, while others hate them.

There is no patron saint of 'awesome.' All the saints were awesome in one way or another.

You just become awesome by being awesome then you be awesome and get it.

Yes, that would be proper grammar.

It all depends on rather you are saying the child's name or just child. So, it could be a proper noun if you are saying the child's name.

try and ask the friends why they hate you, and start saying little things- like your shoes are awesome, and then work up to saying "your beautiful"

no. proper nouns are names and places. though saying "the kitchen" is not a proper noun. saying, "George's kitchen", George is a proper noun. you can tell because it is capitalized. also, places are as well. "Cairo, Egypt" that is a place and has two proper nouns in it. Cairo and Egypt.

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