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Puffers are in the family tetraodontidae and are called such for their ability to draw in sea water into their stomachs when frightened and can triple in size. These fish's internal organs contain a tetrodotoxin, which is powerful enough to kill a human, depending on the specie of puffer. Not all puffers have spines. The porcupine puffer is the one with spines, which make the fish look like a big spikey ball when inflated. The porcupine puffer is not a true puffer, but is a diodon. This specie also has tetrodotoxin in the organs. In Japan this fish is called fugu and is eaten, thought to be a delicacy and very expensive. Only licensed highly trained sushi chefs are allowed to serve this fish. The puffer fish cannot excrete toxins, but their cousin, the toby, can.

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Q: What is a puffer fish?
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Yes, a puffer fish is a fish.

Is puffer fish is mammals?

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a puffer fish is not a cratilarginous fish

When a large fish comes after a puffer fish, the puffer inflates its body to increase its size. Which behavior is shown by the puffer?


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puffer fish are ugly

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Most Puffer Fish are compatible with fish around the same size of the Puffer Fish. If you have a fish a lot bigger, or smaller than the puffer, it has a lower chance of being "nice" to the other fish.

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Yes, the Puffer Fish is a poisonous type of fish.

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Neither. It is a fish. That is why it is called a “Puffer fish.”

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were do puffer fish live and were do they not

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There are over 200,000 puffer fish

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Puffer fish are omnivores,

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The puffer fish survives by its poison.

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Puffer Fish cannot sting.

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