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To get a particular candidate elected to a particular office. If that candidate does not get elected to the office they seek, he or she does not get to serve.

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The main purpose of a presidential election campaign is to get the candidate elected President.

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The purpose - is to get the politician noticed - and prompt the voters to elect them.

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Q: What is a purpose of a professional politician's campaign?
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The permanent campaign meant that politicians were?

Politicians were constantly trying to appease voters_correct APEX answer_

Does politicians need professional training?


What did The permanent campaign mean?

politicians made decisions based on polls.

Do campaign managers ever work for politicians?

"Campaign managers work very hard for politicians. They are responsible for setting up meetings, helping with writing speeches, and staying informed about the candidates place in the election."

What is meant by the word 'campaign'?

this mean friend or pal politicians were constantly trying to appease voters politicians made decisions based on polls. politicians were constantly raising money.

Most local officials professional politicians?

Most local officials are not professional politicians. Most local officials receive a very small wage or no wage at all for their service.

Are most local officials professional politicians?

i think so

Why did cities need professional politicians?

Cities need professional politicians because they have the ability to network and get things done for the city. Their connections help make repairs and regulations get approved quickly.

What is the purpose of interest groups and lobbyists?

The main purpose of Interest Groups is to attempt to influence politicians

What purpose Politicians approve pork barrel spending for what purpose?

So they can get money for something in their district.

What is one way that lobbyist help law makers?

-they are important sources of information -They can help politicians with political strategy for getting legislation through. -They can help formulate campaign strategy and get the group's members behind a politicians reelection campaign -they are a source of ideas and innovations.

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