What is a qualitiative observation?


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There are two basic types of observation, quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative defines while qualitative data describes. Observations such as smell, taste, and appearance are all qualitative. As opposed to quantitive which is any observation (such as size, or weight) where a definitive value can be assigned.

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observations like the fox's hair is brown. Not numbers just visual.

An observation.An observation.An observation.An observation.

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qualitative observation is observation by using the senses, whilequantitative observation is observation that is need to measure.

a quatitive observation is a observation that you can look at

the two kinds of observation are: quatitative observation and: qualitative observation

an observation is an observation of an observation

A qualitve observation is an observation that has quality.

Quantative observation is an observation involving numbers or measurement. Qualitative observation is a type of observation that deals with numbers.

Laboratory observation is in a laboratory and naturalistic observation is in the nature.

An observation that deals with a number or amount is called a quantitative observation. An observation that deals with descriptions is called a qualitative observation.

Systematic observation includes naturalistic observation, which is real-life observation, and structured observation, which takes place in a natural environment in which manipulation is involved

qualitative observation and quantitative observation

an inital observation is the basic and main observation of the experiment

A qualitative observation is a observation not using numbers. For example, the rock is smooth is an qualitative observation. A quantitative observation os a observation thats uses numbers. For example, the rock weighs 2.3 pounds.

Formal observation is an official observation. The observer will make prior arrangements before the observation including date, time, venue and purpose of observation among others.

No, empirical evidence is based on observation and inference. Qualitative observation is an observation of the qualities of an object. Quantitative observation, on the other hand, is an observation based on some sort of numerical measurement of the object.

A qualitive observation is an observation of a product of a reaction which cannot be measured numerically, e.g. colour, state of matter. A quantitive observation is an observation which can be measured, e.g. size, volume.

why does subjective observations detract from a professional observation

There are many types of observations that can be applied in different fields. The common types are natural observation, casual observation, scientific observation, direct observation, objective observation and much more.

No. One observation will normally get you onevalue, not a set of values. Also, to be precise, the observation is the act of observing; the value is the result of the observation, not the observation itself.

Thank you for your astute observation.

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