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== ANSWER== The number shows the rate at which the inventory of homes for sale are being sold. A declining figure indicates people the inventory is decreasing as more homes are being sold than are coming onto the market. A rising absorption rate implies that there are more homes coming onto the market than there are buyers willing to buy at the market prices. The absorption rate lets you know how well the market is absorbing the current inventory of listings. The ultimate question the absorption rate answers is, "Is the current inventory level shrinking or growing"?

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Q: What is a real estate absorption rate?
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The real estate default rate is the rate of borrowers that fail to remain current on their loans. When a homeowner is in default, their house may be in danger of being foreclosed on.

Where can one compare real estate loan rate?

A comparative rate can be asked for from most banks. This would be the best place to find out the information concerning a real estate loan comparison.

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You need to consult with an experienced real estate agent in your area who can do some research and tell you the market rate for rents in your area.You need to consult with an experienced real estate agent in your area who can do some research and tell you the market rate for rents in your area.You need to consult with an experienced real estate agent in your area who can do some research and tell you the market rate for rents in your area.You need to consult with an experienced real estate agent in your area who can do some research and tell you the market rate for rents in your area.

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How do you find the commission rate?

How you find the commission rate varies depending on the job. Some jobs pay a commission of 10% of total sales while some have commission that is on a sliding scale. In real estate, the realtor makes a commission from each sale. You can ask what the rate is prior to hiring the real estate agent.

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What is the income tax rate for real estate managers?

It depends on the tax laws of the country concerned

What is the best real estate online school in Texas? does not promote, recommend or rate businesses.

Why overhead absorption rate is important?

In absorption costing, overhead absorption rate or blanket rate is key to spread all overheads on production of volume of product, because if we don't have the overhead absorption rate manufacturing overhead cannot be spread or there is no basis for allocation of overheads on manufactured units.

Can a real estate brokers commission rate vary?

Yes, the commission that a real estate broker earns can vary depending on the type of broker and his or her contract. Many brokers can even waive their commission in some cases.

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Why is the Cap Rate used to evaluate Real Estate?

This is used in real estate to measure return on investment, otherwise known as ROI. Another term that is much more familiar to people includes the term net income.

Is it possible to get a real estate loan if you have poor credit?

It is possible to get a real estate loan with poor credit, but much harder than it used to be before 2008. You will have a much higher interest rate, and may need a cosigner.

What has the author Ernie Jowsey written?

Ernie Jowsey has written: 'Real estate economics' -- subject(s): Real estate development, Residential real estate, Commercial real estate, Real estate investment, Real estate business

What does a real estate accountant do?

A real estate accountant manages all accounting processes for a real estate team. Bottrell Real Estate work with real estate businesses to help them grow and succeed.

What is overhead absorption rate. What are its purpose?

method of overhead absorption

Where can I take cheap courses on real estate?

Get Hired: Only school to offer daily recruiting by NY's top brokerage firms. Exam Pass Rate: #1 in industry. Faculty: Real Estate industry experts. Its best

Does Quicken Loans offer low interest real estate loans?

Quicken Loans offers loans for mortgages, refinancing, and investments to deal with real estate. As for the interest rate, that will change depending on the current Federal benchmark rate and on the credit rating of the borrower, as well as the type of loan chosen. The website estimates a mortgage rate of 4.625% for a thirty year fixed rate mortgage of $200,000 with zero points.

What is NIREM?

NIREM is the short form of IDS National Institute of Real Estate Management which is a management institute. It offers educational programs and courses in different areas of real estate such as real estate management, real estate marketing, real estate sales, real estate finance, real estate investment, real estate appraisal etc at the levels of PG Diploma and Diploma. It also offers certificate in real estate management. Apart from the above, NIREM also conducts management development programs in real estate. probably the first institute in India that offers real estate education.

Where can one get real estate views?

One can get real estate views from the following websites: "Real Estate View", "The Star", "Real Estate One", "Homes and Land", "Real Estate Book", "Realtor" to name a few.

How do you back a real estate mortgage?

The collateral for a real estate mortgage is the real estate itself. If the borrower defaults the lender can take possession of the real estate.