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The way I understand it, it's because it simply won't work. Bananas have small things that look like seeds, and which perhaps were seeds in the remote past, but bananas are not capable of reproducing from those remnants of seeds.

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Bananas have been cultivated so that they do not make viable seeds.

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Q: What is a reason why bananas are not grown by seeds?
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Do you need seeds to grow a banana tree?

No, not necessarily, bananas can also be grown from their rootstocks.

Why can't bananas grow in Canada?

The same reason avacado's don't grow in Arizona, the wheather

Why are bananas grown?

Bananas are grown for food.

How are bananas grown by man if they have no seeds?

Wild ones grow from seeds. Cultivated ones grow from cuttings or from the suckers pulled off existing plants.

When are the bananas grown?

Bananas are grown year-round in the tropics.

Are bananas grown or made?

the answer is grown

How do farmers farm bananas?

They technically do not "farm" bananas. Bananas grow on trees, and being that, they are not "farmed", they are more as grown. Most farmers do not farm bananas because they can't technically be "farmed".

How are bananas grown in Kenya?

bananas are grown in Kenya by planting it watering then let it grow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many bananas are there in a score of bananas?

it depends on how well they are grown

Are bananas grown in science laboratories?

No, banana's are grown on trees.

Do bananas have any seeds?

Yes. All fruits have seeds.

Are bananas seeds?

NO when you dry a banana you can see the seeds and plant them.