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None! Stay in school!

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Q: What is a reasonable number of absences your junior year of high school?
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How many absences will a high school like midwood accept?

A high school like Midwood will usually accept about seven absences a year.

What to do about tardiness and absences?

Go to school on time.

Is it against the law to take kids out of school it visit family?

The law that matters here is the truancy law. Truancy laws vary from state to state, but most are triggered when a certain number of unexcused absences are reported. Excused absences, such as for illness or religious purposes are not counted. Check with your child's school to find out their policy for excusing absences for visiting family. If it is an unexcused absence, and they are out for the requisite number of days, it may be a legal problem. However, this is unlikely. Most likely, this will only trigger non-legal consequences, dealing directly with the school. The specifics of these consequences will depend on the age of the child, their other absences, the timing of this absence, and school policy.

What is Canberra Girl's Grammar School's address?

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minet junior school is a primary school in hayes and it is a really good school

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