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What is a refractometer?

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Any of several instruments used to measure the index of refraction of a substance. it is commonly known to be used in wine making, where the refractometer is used to measure the sugar content in the fruit juices.

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What important is the refractometer?

A refractometer is important to science because it is a way to tell the density of a liquid. The refractometer looks through an object at a light source.

Where can buy a refractometer?

You can buy a refractometer through online please visit : http://www.nationalmicroscope.com/

Picture of a refractometer?

There are 2 main types of refractometers. One is an optical refractometer in which a liquid sample is placed on one end. The user then looks through the other end to get a reading. A picture of an optical refractometer can be seen here: http://www.sperdirect.com/mas_assets/full/300001.jpg The other popular type of refractometer is a digital refractometer. In this case the sample is placed on an optical reader and the digital refractometer displays a reading on an LCD screen. A picture of a digital refractometer can be seen here: http://www.sperdirect.com/mas_assets/full/300034.jpg

How do you clean the refractometer?

Some labs store the refractometer with a piece of tissue in the prism assembly to keep the prism glass from being scratched.

How do you check the specific gravity of a battery?

By using refractometer or Hydrometer

How does a Refractometer Work?

There are four main types of refractometers: traditional handheld refractometers, digital handheld refractometers, laboratory or Abbe refractometers, and inline process refractometers. There is also the Rayleigh Refractometer used (typically) for measuring the refractive indices of gases.In veterinary medicine, a refractometer is used to measure the total plasma protein in a blood sample and urine specific gravity.

When refractometer reading increase?

A hand-held refractometer is a simple to operate, moderately priced instrument that is suitable for field use. In most cases sample preparation is limited to suitable dilution of a wet concentrate or blending of a dry concentrate with water. Although many refractometer are temperature compensated to allow accurate readings over a range of solution temperatures, they are sensitive to large temperature changes to which they may be subjected during field work.

What is refrectomter?

Instrument used to measure the index of refraction of a substanceSource: refractometer

How do you use a refractometer?

Begin the calibration of your refractometer by lifting up the daylight plate and placing 2-3 drops of distilled water on top of the prism assembly. Close the daylight plate so the water spreads across the entire surface of the prism without any air bubbles or dry spots

What tools do you use in a laboratory?

Examples are: oven, burette, muffle furnace, spectrophotometer, refractometer, analytical balance, stirrer and hundred others.

How can you make use of a refractometer?

I would use it to measure an index of refraction.See the related link listed below for more information:

How do oceanographers measure the salinity of ocean water-?

Oceanographers measure the salinity of the ocean by hand held refractometer, hydrometer, and conductivity meter.

How can you tell fresh water from salt water?

By the salinity or salt level in the water which can be measure by a number of devices most commonly the hydrometer or refractometer.

Can you give 3 pieces of equipment used in laboratory measuring?

A measuring cylinder, a balance and a burette.

How do you measure percentages of salt in water?

Percentages of salt found in seawater is known as salinity. The salinity in water can be measured using a refractometer or a salinity sensor.

What items and instruments are used in a lab?

Examples: balance, oven, furnce, burette, pH-meter, glassware, chromatograph, viscometer, refractometer, spectrometer and many others.

What is used to measure the properties of matter?

Different instruments as: refractometer, densimeter, hardness tester, balance, X-ray diffractometer, radiometer, instruments of analytical chemistry, etc.

Some laboratory equipments?

Examples: analytical balance, thermometer, pH-meter, refractometer, spectrophotometer, microscope, hardness tester, viscosimeter, electronic titrator, voltmeter, etc.

If iodine were not available how would you determine whether starch hydrolysis had occured?

If iodine is not available, determine whether starch hydrolysis has occurred using a refractometer or plot the yeast that forms.

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