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What is a regular hot sandwich?


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Try a hot open faced turkey or roast beef sandwich, or a meatball with marinara sandwich, or any toasted sandwich from subway !

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A hot open faced sandwich has one piece of bread, on the bottom, is covered with gravy and eaten using a knife and fork. A hot closed face sandwich has two pieces of bread, as for a regular sandwich, but is also covered with gravy and eaten using a knife and fork.

A toastie or toasted sandwich.

A club sandwich is not a cooked or heated sandwich

A sandwich can be heated in the toaster oven

A club sandwich is a cold sandwich with two layers of fillings between 3 slices of bread.

There are too many food combinations to list every hot and cold sandwich possible, but here is a list of some popular sandwiches: Bologna sandwich Hamburger Cheeseburger Chicken Sandwich Chicken Salad sandwich Tuna salad sandwich Roast beef sandwich Ham sandwich Ham and cheese sandwich Hot ham and cheese sandwich Fish sandwich Cheese sandwich Grilled cheese sandwich Patty melt sandwich Reuben sandwich

You could eat a fried bologna sandwich with lettuce and mayonnaise. Or a hot ham with melted cheese sandwich. Or a grilled cheese sandwich.

Any type of sandwich that has hot ingredients in it or that is heated after it is put together, for example, like a meatball sub or a panini.

Their are many popular sandwich fillings. Some of the best one are hot chip butty, steak sandwich, rosemary lamb sandwich, club sandwich, BLT sandwich,toasted chicken and mushroom sandwich.

* hot pretzel * hot peppers * hot chocolate * hot totti (a drink containing alcohol) * hot tea * hotdog * hot sauce * hot cakes * hot ham and cheese sandwich * hot cereal * hot chips * hot cheetos * hot apple cider * hot roast beef sandwich * hot turkey sandwich * hot artichoke dip * hot bean and cheese dip * hot mustard * hot tamale * hot buttered rum

Yes, It could be considered a type of sandwich.

That would depend on the sandwich as they have several; but, a regular Chic-fil-A Chicken sandwich has 440 calories.

an hotdog is a sandwich with sauge

A reuben in japan is a hot sandwich

There are 450 calories in the McDonald's Hot 'n Spicy Chicken sandwich.

All you have to do is put the Oscar Mayer hot dog in a blender and then spread it on a sandwich.

The lowest is a regular hamburger with 250 calories.

About 0.7 grams, or 0.025 ounces.

You would make your sandwich how you want it and toast it on both sides in a hot skillet in a little melted butter.

Regular hot dogs are approximately 6 inches long.

Regular hot dogs are approximately 6 inches long.

If chuck Norris wants it to.

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