What is a relationship without trust?


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Its really not a relationship if there is no trust. That is a relationship based on lies

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Without trust relationship doesn't exist.

Trust is the most important thing in a relationship, it is the relationship. Without trust your relationship will fall apart. You don't know what will happen! Trust and love makes a great relationship.

Trust, honesty. Without that, there is no relationship.

Without trust there can be no love, no friendship. On acquaintance and lust.

Trust is the main factor in a relationship. Without it, there isn't much of a relationship.

i totally agree trust is having faith in is a commonly used word,without trust a relationship can not happen okkk! siyah i totally agree trust is having faith in is a commonly used word,without trust a relationship can not happen okkk! siyah

trust without question. can be a good thing or bad thing

Without trust any relationship is doomed.

You should ask him, a relationship is built on trust, and can't survive without it.

well without trust you really cant have a relationship. and if she does love you she would trust you withanything and everything no matter what

Most people use the famous quote "If we don't have trust we don't have nothing" which is absolutely true. A relationship without trust has the grounds to turn for the worst. You would worry more and more about where he or she is going, with who, and what are they going to do. if the trust factor is gone then you find yourself worrying about everything they do. the relationship becomes more stressful so it is better to have trust. don't put yourself in the risk of emotional pain.

It's called 'trust'. If you truly care for or love someone, you will trust them no matter what. Trust is mutual between two people - without it, there is no relationship. Communication is also key in any relationship.

If you're in a relationship, then yes you should be able to trust them. If you can't trust them, your relationship is unhealthy and you shouldn't be in it.

Trust. Most defintly. If there's no trust, there is no relationship.

What is a healthy relationship without trust? Either you trust one another or you break up. Anything else would be unhealthy to do. If it's so that you can't trust anyone then you're not ready for any relationship at all.

Well there is no relationship without trust so if you can't trust then you might as well not be with them trust should be the first step *Anonymous helper*

Is it okay if your partner asked you to stop having friends? NO! If you can't trust your partner with friends then what's the point in continuing a relationship with this person. Without trust, there is no relationship.

the main root of a relationship is trust in order for the relationship to be successful you must build trust

Trust plays in both a friendship and a relationship

you never know but to trust himn. that's the whole reason of being in a relationship. you have to have trust, honesty, and respect. without these..there is no love. :)

A good family relationship would involve mainly Love and Trust. Your family must trust eachother greatly. Without it it is not a healthy relationship. You should be able to tell eachother everything without any problems. And this bonding will create the love for eachother that will last a lifetime. Even though your family loves you anyway. (:

Jealousy could drive a person crazy & force them to think the worst , that could be bad when trying to start a relationship because jealousy leads to trust issues & what's a relationship without trust ?

no because if you don't know what he is doing when he's not around you, you will worry

trust is translated 'confiance' and relationship is translated 'relation' in French. 'relation de confiance' is a standard phrase used when you feel that bond of trust in a relationship.

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