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if sideways, an Emoticon

if eyes facing up, an ambigram

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What is representation of numbers in the form of numbers called?

Standard form

Is expression an adverb?

No, it is not. It is a noun form of the verb to express(to voice, reveal, or represent). It can also mean an expressive facial look. In colloquial terms, it can be a figurative statement or idiom (e.g. a slang expression).

What is to write a fraction or expression in simplest form called?

reducing it

During a public speech most feedback is?

in a public speech feedback is usually in form of facial expression, gestures, applause, vocalization and body movements.

What is a expression of the form 5 cubed called?

An exponential or power term.

Facial bones that form the lateral edges of the eye sockets and the cheek bones are called what?

occular orbits

What is exapanded form?

A representation of a number in terms of powers of a base, such as the representation of 1234 as or the representation of 2345 as 2000 +...

Is leery an abstract noun?

No, the word 'leery' is an adjective, a word used to describe a noun.The adjective 'leery' is the adjective form of the noun 'leer', a word for a facial expression; a concrete noun.

What is the definition of expression?

The act of expressing; the act of forcing out by pressure; as, the expression of juices or oils; also, of extorting or eliciting; as, a forcible expression of truth., The act of declaring or signifying; declaration; utterance; as, an expression of the public will., Lively or vivid representation of meaning, sentiment, or feeling, etc.; significant and impressive indication, whether by language, appearance, or gesture; that manner or style which gives life and suggestive force to ideas and sentiments; as, he reads with expression; her performance on the piano has expression., That which is expressed by a countenance, a posture, a work of art, etc.; look, as indicative of thought or feeling., A form of words in which an idea or sentiment is conveyed; a mode of speech; a phrase; as, a common expression; an odd expression., The representation of any quantity by its appropriate characters or signs.

How many facial surgerys are there?

The most common form of facial surgery is to do with jaw correction surgery.

What is expression?

An expression is another name for an equation that usually does not have an answer. To be called an expression it usually must must have proper mathematical form i.e. not all over the shop. E.G 5x + 6 / 8x + 7

What is do you know about expression?

An algebraic expression does not contain an equality sign. Acting is a form of "expression".

Is pouted a noun?

No, it is a verb form (pout, pouts, pouting, pouted).The word 'pout' is both a verb and a noun.The noun 'pout' is a word for a facial expression of displeasure or sullenness; a word for a thing.The noun form of the verb to pout is the gerund, "pouting."

What is the definition of tabular and graphical form?

Tabular refers to the representation of data in a table. Graphical form refers to the representation of data in a graph.

What is general form?

expression 1 ? expression 2 : expression3

How do you simplify a radical expression?

The answer depends on the form of the radical expression.

What is the factorization of the expression?

It is representing the expression in the form of a product of its factors.

What is the noun form of verb laugh?

The noun forms of the verb to laugh are laughter and the gerund, laughing.The word 'laugh' is also a noun, a word for vocal sounds and facial expression of a person who finds something funny.

How is America form of democracy different from the athenian form of democracy?


How many facial bones form the face?


What facial bones form the upper jaw?


What are two ox called?

Oxen is the plural form .Also... maybe you're thinking of the expression "a yoke of oxen"?

What mathematical question is this called 6 times x plus 3?

It is an algebraic expression in the form of: 6x+3

Signs that a guy is interested in you form using eharmony dating site?

Online communication is hard to see body language or facial expression. So it would be safe to go off based on the communication with that person and the frequency

Is it ever possible to sneer politely?

No, it is not possible to sneer politely.Since sneer is a scornful or mocking smile or remark, politeness is not showered in the form of facial expression of the person doing sneer. Politeness and sneer cannot act together.