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What is a rewiew?

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whant to read rewiew?

whant to see comments

Is a summary a book rewiew?

No. A summary only contains facts about a book. A book review contains opinions.

What are the answers for the tenth edition drive right chapter 4 and 8 rewiew?

Lick on ma sack

What age rating is teen wolf?

U have to be at least 13. If you abelow that age your parents should rewiew it.

I need an introduction sentence for a movie rewiew on Civil Action?

I'd like to introduce five action movies in this week.

What is a book rewiew?

A book review is when you write what a book is about and what you think about it, so others can read the report and decide if they wish to read the book also.

Are proteins made in the nucleus of the cell?

yes maybe really i dont know my mean science teacher is making us do a whole rewiew thing in our textbook.AHHH.

What are some creative ways of presenting high school assignment for English book rewiew on Chinese Cinderella?

It depends on what kind of assignment you are talking about. but the key to being creative is to think outside the box and do something that only you will think of. you can always just do some extra drawings and decorations. This is from a different person: Maybe create a book with cardboard and present the information like that or if you doing eg. a book review you could do a poster with the information and then a big title and a picture. Hope this helps just some ideas.

Book review 0f Kabuliwala of 500 words?

It's my rewiew on the story. Kabuliwala lefthis home country in quest of employment inIndia. While in India, he identifies his daughterwith Mini as she was of the same age when heleft Kabul. Though he was not in touch withhis daughter, her memories didn't fade awayfrom his mind. The sight of Mini reminded himof her and he showed his affection to her ashe would have to his daughter. Later he wentto prison for a murder, which colloquelly,Pathan call "in-laws" where they are fed, havea place to live and cared for, he lost contactwith Mini, but her memories of sitting andgossiping with her lingered on. On his release,he went to see Mini, who he never thoughtwouldn't come out to chat with him - she didn't. Her parents were reluctant to let amurderer see their daughter. However, on theplea of Kabuliwala, later on gave in.Kabuliwalllah brought in a piece of paper,nuts, almond and raisins for Mini believingthat time has stopped and she was still littlegirl like his daughter in far off country. Thesight of Mini, in bridal clothes kindled in himthe memories of his daughter, who he neverthought would grow up like Mini, broughttears in his eyes. Her dad identified himself with Rehaman, as a father and showed hisfeelings by giving him a banknote, so that hecould go back to his country and see his littledaughter whose finger prints he was carryingwith him all the time. Emotions spin the plotof this story- tender loving feelings embodiedin this story.This story is a manifestation of parental love. Though physically separated,the memories sustain our love for ourchildren. Only we need a spark to light upthose memories. Such was the case with Miniwho woke up the affection in Kabuliwala, for his long forgotten daughter in a far awayland.thus it's like this. for more questions email me on

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