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What is a rheostat?

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A rheostat is a resistor with variable resistance.There are many type of rheostat,involved of a rotary-type rheostat and a sliding rheostst.I dunn know much about the rotary-type rheostat but I can tell u how does a sliding rheostat work.

A sliding rheostst consists of a coil resistance wire wound on a tube and a sliding contact.The sliding contact be moved on the metal bar.Consider of the length of the resistance wire which let electric current through increases,the reistance would be higher and decrease the elctric current.Thus by moving the sliding contact,we can adjust the size of electric current.It's ofter used as a dimmer or to adjustl the voluime of the radio.

If you are interested in the rotary-type rheostat,try to find it by yourself!

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How do you Test a rheostat?

how to test a rheostat?

What does a rheostat control?

A rheostat is a variable resistor and these control the flow of current.

Where does lost energy in a rheostat go?

It is lost in heating the resistive material of the rheostat.

How do you install a rheostat in 1999 626 Mazda?

How do you install a rheostat in 1999 626 Mazda?

How do you take out the light rheostat on a 95 Monte Carlo?

How do you take a rheostat out of a 2003 monte carlo

What is the purpose of a rheostat in the determination of an unknown resistor?

In a bridge circuit the unknown resistor is compared to the rheostat. When the meter across the bridge reads in the middle the unknown and the rheostat are the same value.

How is a rheostat use as a potential divider?

_____________ J| -_____/\/\/\/\_________+ | | | - + | |___i|i|___| E Well this is the circuit diagram , where r is the sliding jockey of the rheostat and a cell (E) is connected in parallel with the rheostat. By adjusting the jockey resistance of the rheostat can be altered which in turn would regulate the potential offered by the cell E to the main circuit. And thus a rheostat can be used as a potential divider.

What is rheostat?

A rheostat is a scientific instrument used as a resistor to help in regulation of currents by the means of variable resistances.

What is the purpose of a rheostat?

A rheostat is essentially a variable resistor. It is used in circuits to drop voltage or limit current.

What is a rheostat resistor?

A Rheostat is a resistor which is designed to be adjustable versus a fixed resistor in which the value of the resistance cannot be changed.

What are the different ways of using a rheostat?

A rheostat is an application, rather than a device. When a variable resistor is used to control current, it's called a 'rheostat'; when it's used to control voltage, it's termed a 'potentiometer'.

What does a dash rheostat do on a 1995 Mercedes e300d?

That is the dash light dimmer control switch.. Rheostat = Dimmer. Bright to dim.

Who invented Rheostat?

Charles wheatstone

What is the least effective way of dimming tungsten lighting for colour photography?

Rheostat. Dimming by rheostat changes the colour temperature of the light

What are the colours of the positive and the negative terminals of the rheostat?

A rheostat is simply a variable resistor used to control current. It does not have a positive or a negative terminal.

Difference between variable resistor and rheostat?

The difference between a variable resistor and a rheostat is the same as the difference between six and half a dozen.

Examples of good resistors?

Good resistors should have properties of adjustable electrical resistance, such as slide rheostat, resistance box. The resistance of slide rheostat can be capable of continuous alteration, this is a good characteristic for slide rheostat. But we can not measure the definite number of the slide rheostat resistance. For resistance box, we can read the exact numerical value of its resistance. Nervertheless, its resistance is discontinuous.

What is the rheostat on your car?

to dim the lights in your car.

How do you eliminate hum in a radio from light rheostat?

Check all of the wiring connections. If the hum persists the rheostat can be replaced with a low rf emitting dimmer.

Can a rheostat be used to control speed on a capacitor run motor?

No. If you attempt to reduce the voltage to a cap start motor by using a rheostat, you can destroy the motor.

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