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What is a root position?

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On keyboard you can play a chord using just the root, third and fifth. For the "C" chord, this is C E G. This is root position. The other chords would be first inversion, and the second inversion. You simply move the "root" note, or C so that it's the third note instead of the first, or E G C. The second inversion is G C E. You can achieve totally different sounds by changing the root, and also, when you change chords, it can be easier, and add a different effect.

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That is called the "base" of the chord. Try not to get this word confused with "root," which is the lowest note of the chord if it is in root position. Root position is when the chord is built up in thirds. Ex: C, E and G make up the C chord and the root of the chord "C" is also the base note. If this same C chord is mixed around so that G is the lowest note then higher in order is C and then E, then G would be the base note of the chord.

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