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What is a round table discussion?

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An open discussion where everybody is on an equal footing. Nobody is at the head of the table; you're all peers. The implication is that everyone has an equal voice and that you can speak your mind freely on the subject.

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1 What were the key issues for discussion in the 2nd Round Table Conference 1931?

# What were the key issues for discussion in the 2nd Round Table Conference (1931)?

What are the different formats of round table discussion?

One of the formats of a round table discussion is to have participants ask questions after the presentation. Another format is to have questions submitted ahead of time.

How do you write invitation letter for doctors to invite for round table discussion?

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In the phrase a community round table was started should round table have a hyphen?

When I take part in a round table, the event is two words. When used attributively, it is hyphenated, eg I attended a round-table discussion. It is a modifier, two words joined together with the hyphen.

Can a round table consist of questions of the speakers?

No, a "round table" is a format for a discussion where all participants are equal. Question to speakers should have the speakers on a dais, facing the questioner and with a chairperson to moderate the proceedings.

How do you conduct a roundtable discussion?

A round table discussion brings together a panel of participants to talk about a certain subject. Have a moderator to keep the discussion running smoothly. Have questions on hand to ask and explain the rules. Introduce everyone there and present the discussion topic.

Advantage and disadvantage of roundtable discussion?

ADVANTAGES- having a round table is good everyone is equal and you dont have to worry about who is at the head or foot. DISADVANTAGES- not as many people fit at a round table, more fit at a squared or rectangular.

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What was the true reason for Arthur's round table?

The round table symbolized equality, having no head of the table.

What did the round table symbolize?

The round table symbolized equality. When King Arhur and his knights sat down at the Round Table, it had no head of the table. So, while sitting at The Round Table, no one person was greater than another. Everyone was equal.

Who created the round table?

King Arthur created the Round Tableand its' knights.

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King Arthur had a round table.

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the runt of the round table is a play on words, it is a weeknight.

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When was Round Table Advertising created?

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When was Round Table Pizza created?

Round Table Pizza was created in 1959.

When was Oxford Round Table created?

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What size round dining table seat ten?

a very big round table. a 72" round table will seat 8 to 10 comfortably

What was the round table and why?

The round table was a large stone table thought to symbolize the endless and cyclical nature of the universe.

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