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It is made rubber, calcium carbonate, carbon black, clay, sulfur, stearic acid, zinc oxide, wax, and oil as fillers

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Why is rubber-band made of rubber?

A rubber-band is made out of rubber because rubber will make it hold things nice and tight.

Is a rubber band the same as a sweat band?

No. A rubber band (known in some regions as a gum band) is made of rubber and latex and is used to hold objects together. A sweat band is made of terry cloth and is worn around the head to keep sweat from dripping into the eyes.

How do you make a rubber band slingshot?

A rubber band slingshot can be made with a rubber band and a stick. The stick needs to be in the shape of a Y. Put the rubber band around the two small pieces of the stick and you will have a slingshot.

If you shoot a rubber band how far will it go?

It depends on the rubber band if is a small rubber band then it will go about 20'and if it is an bigger rubber band then it will go about 35' but it depends on the rubber band and the way you shoot the rubber band

What is the band of the Seiko men's diving watch made out of?

The band is made of pressure vented synthetic rubber.

What did the rubber band replace when it was first made?


Is rubber an adjective?

Yes, it can be an adjective. Things made from the material (rubber) can use the adjective rubber (made of rubber), e.g. a rubber band.There is also an adjective rubbery, meaning with the feel or qualities of rubber.

If a rubber band have potential energy what does it have potentiel to do?

A stretched rubber band has potential energy like a spring. It has the potential to snap back. I used to build model airplanes with rubber band motors. I also had a rubber band gun that shot rubber bands. The potential energy stored in the rubber bank is what made these devices work.

What elements are in a rubber band?

Rubber is actually made from latex which is a form of silicon. Rubber bands are a polymer that can be stretched.

How can a gun be made out of a rubber band?

The easiest way to make a gun out of a rubber band is by using your hands. Simply stretch the rubber band between two fingers and release one of your fingers when you want to shoot.

What are the properties of rubber bands?

As rubber band is made up from rubber, it possess properties of rubber. main property of rubber is "ELASTICITY" i.e. whenever you stretched rubber or rubber band it gets stretched & when you released it, it will gain it's original size & shape again.

What's a Silly Band made of?

Silly Bandz are made from rubber and silcone.

Stretching a rubber band physical or chemical change?

physical. no chemical reactions are going on and it is still a rubber band, it is just changing form, not what it is made of.

What is more elastic iron or rubber?

well what are RUBBER bands made out of? and is there other name ELASTIC band?

Is a rubber band a solid or liquid?

A rubber band is a solid.

How many rubber band are in a rubber band ball?


Is a rubber band organic or inorganic?

a rubber band is organic

How is a rubber band stretchy if it is rubber?

a rubber band is still rubber because if u stretch it it wont change

How do you make a rubber band airplane with home made materials?


What is in the center of a rubber band ball?

It depends on the rubber band ball, some people use a tennis ball or ping pong balls to start it off. Or as i have done people make it entirely out of rubber bands and use rubber bands to start it off. i have a rubber band ball around the size of a football, it is completely made of rubber bands.

What is a sentence for resilient?

The rubber band was resilient after being stretched the rubber band was resilient after being stretched the rubber band was resilient after being stretched the rubber band was resilient after being stretched

How far can a rubber band be stretched before it breaks?

This depends on the size of the rubber band, the materials and impurities in the rubber band, and the speed at which you stretch it, as well as the conditions that the rubber band has been under.

Why are rubber band made of rubber?

Rubber bands are made of rubber because rubber is stretchy so it is able to wrap around materials such papers, pencils, poster boards, etc. Also, it is a strong material so it usually does not break.

Is there energy in a rubber band?

If a rubber band is stretched, it has elastic energy.

How many pages does The Rubber Band have?

The Rubber Band has 308 pages.

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