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50-400 USD or so

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Q: What is a ruger sp 101.357 pistol worth?
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Would you trade a Glock 19 for a ruger sp 101?

Depends on the caliber and barrel length the SP 101

What is the valuse of a used 4in black police bulldog 38 SP pistol?

Depending on condition, your Charter Arms revolver is worth about $180-220.

Best price for a 357 ruger sp 101?

1 dollar or less if you can find one. Otherwise 100-400 USD

What is ap vs sp pistol?

In NRA terms, this is Air Pistol and Standard Pistol. These are types of pistols used in International style pistol matches. Air Pistol is usually a 60 shot slow-fire match. Standard Pistol generally consists of 20 slow-fire, 4 x 5 shots in 20 seconds, and 4 x 5 shots in 10 seconds (rapid rife). In addition, on my collegiate pistol team we also competed in Free Pistol (FP). That is for light trigger, single-shot pistols with advanced grips. SP and FP use .22 rimfire ammunition.

Is there a manuel on how to take apart SP Shuer and Sohn Suhl Model 30H pistol?

Yes, but it will take some doing to find one.

How much is a sig sauer sp 2340 worth?

100-600 depending on specifics

What is a colt ar 15 sp 1 worth?

100-1500 USD or so

Charles Meakin Hanely England Platter 22 CC what is it worth?

I have a Charles Meakin Hanley platter 22 SP I am wondering what this is worth

What is the worth of a Colt SP-1 AR-15 in good condition?

100-500 USD.

Ruger sp 101 357 mag stainless cost?

List price about $570, used price depends on condition, 100 pct $460, 98 pct $345, 95 pct $270 etc.

What year and value is colt detective sp wort 3462rd?

The year it was introduced was 1927 and is worth about $2,000

What is a Remington 1187 SP super magnum worth?

.Manufacturer suggested retail price was$ 932.00 its worth 750.00 in 100% condition $275.00 in 60% condition.