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Q: What is a salt water swimming pool like for children?
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How much water is in a swimming pool?

I depends on what type of pool your are swimming at. Like if one pool you are swimming at is 12 feet and a different pool is 5 feet the is going to be more water is the 12 foot swimming pool.It depends on the size of the pool.

What kind of swimming pool tastes salty?

A Salt water swimming pool, like the iceberg in Sydney. hmmm.... A Salt Water Beach! or a pool in wich someone wurinated in! A: Your answer is old pool water. You will not taste the salt in a salt water system pool! k

What is a wading pool?

A swimming pool,swimming bath,wading pool, or simply apool, is an artificially enclosed body ofwaterintended forswimmingor water-basedrecreation.

Is a swimming pool water a solute or a solvent?

Swimming pool water is JUST water. Water is usually a solvent.

How much water in a24x16x16inch swimming pool?

That's more like a bucket then a swimming pool 26.59 gallons 100.65 liters

How many people die in swimming pool?

In 2004 250 children under the age of 18 drowned in a swimming pool. In 2006, 300 children drowned in a swimming pool. These are US numbers.

How is the water in the swimming pool similar to earth's interior?

Pressure inside Earth increases much like pressure in the swimming pool increases.

What does Swimming in a pool with dirty water and fish mean?

it means your swimming in a pool with dirty water and fish.....get out!

What math is there in swimming?

the amount of water in the pool (volume) somthing like that

How do you test swimming pool water?

Swimming pool water can be what ever temperature you would like it to be just not too cold or too hot just need to have a little relaxation. :)

Can you water the garden with swimming pool water?

Depends. If you mean a kiddie pool that you filled from the hose, sure. If you mean a regular swimming pool, probably not. Chlorine is added to that water to prevent growth of unhealthy organisms, and your plants will not like the chlorine.

Why add hydrochloric acid to swimming pool?

Reduces alkalinity of swimming pool water (softens hard water)

How do you get a swimming pool ready for swimming?

put water in it

What is the element that is used in swimming pool?

Chlorine is added to swimming pool water to disinfect it.

What is water in swimming pool is it compound or mixture?

Water in a swimming pool is compound because the water and chlorine have been chemically combined.

How do you measure swimming pool water?

in feet,example:if the side of the swimming pool says 4ft the length of the swimming pool would be 4 feet

How deep is the swimming pool in the Beijing Water Cube?

The swimming pool in Beijing Water cube is 13 metres deep

What to use to get rid of swimming pool water bugs?

You buy a swimming pool net and scoop them out.

How can a person float in a swimming pool?

There is more water in the swimming pool - than the person weighs.

How many liters of water is in a swimming pool?

That depends upon how large the swimming pool is.

What makes the water in a swimming pool taste sweet?

someone diabetic is peeing in your swimming pool

How do you install swimming pool lights?

Installing swimming pool lights is very difficult. It requires you to drain the water from the pool, and then to drill a place to mount the swimming pool lights.

How many liters of water in an olympic pool?

I think that , the olympics swimming pool has about a hundred litres of water . By Uthara . Question is How many liters of water is there in a olympics swimming pool ?

What are the purposes of swimming pool heat pumps?

The purpose of a swimming pool heat pump is to rise the temperature of the water. The pool then can be used for swimming even on days when the weather is not perfect. The swimming pool season is extended.

What are the safety rules in swimming pool?

Keep Children Supervised Never dive into a swimming pool Know where you are and where youre going