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The Savage model 1899B ranges in price from 550-900 dollars for a rifle with between 60%-90% of mits original finish remaining,and a good bore.

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Q: What is a savage 1899 B octagon barrel in 303 savage worth?
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Savage model 1895 serial number 73 dot 276 Octagon Barrel chambered in 3030 Would like to know year of mfg and history of the rifle?

It's a Savage 1899, not 1895, and it was manufactured in 1907.

What is the value of a 303 savage model 99 SN113129?

It would be hard to determine the value of your model 1899 savaqe need to include if the rifle in question has a octagon barrel or round barrel,barrel length,if your rifle is engraved etc.these model 1899 rifles were produced between the years 1899-1922.The serial number provided shows that your firearm was produced in 1911.Please fill in the questions on this rifle and I will be better able to provide a answer as to the value of your savage.

What proves a 30.30 lever action is a model 99?

The caliber marking on the barrel will prove that your Savage model 99 is chambered in 30-30 Win.The model 99 markings on the receiver/barrel will also indicate that you have a model 99 savage.Some 30-30 Win.chambered rifles by savage will be marked model of 1899,which indicates that you have the early model of Savage lever action rifle,made from 1899-1909.

How old is your 1899 savage serial number 53895?

your savage model 1899 was produced in 1905.

What are the release dates for Barrel Fight - 1899?

Barrel Fight - 1899 was released on: USA: July 1899

What is the 1899 savage 303 worth?

From what I've read, between $900-2000 USD, depending on location and condition.

How much is your 1896 303 savage worth?

You have the model 1895 savage that was made from 1895-1899.These pre model 99,s are very rare with only 6,000 made.Most were made in the rifle configuration and are worth between 2,600-6,000 dollars depending on the overall original finish remaining on the wood and bore.If you have the carbine(22in),barrel or the musket(30in),barrel you could add 150%+ to the above value.I would have the rifle looked at by a pro.and valued.

When did Philip Henry Savage die?

Philip Henry Savage died in 1899.

303 lever action Savage model 1899 rifle's worth?

Could be 100 or 1000 or anything in between depending on specifics

How much is your Bayard 16 GA double barrel shotgun worth condition is fair mfg 1899?

80 USD

What year is your Savage 303?

1960s. The Savage model 1899 rifle that was chambered in 303 Sav.caliber was made from 1899-1922.The model 1895 Savage lever action rifle in 303 Savage caliber was made from 1895-1899.The last rifle chambered in 303 Savage was the first model of the savage 99 rifle which was made from 1920-1936.The Savage 303 caliber rifles were not made after 1936.So your rifle was made sometime between 1895-1936.

What is the age of savage 300 1899 model No 262288?