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On woodworking saws the teeth are alternatingly offset slightly to left and right. The amount they are offset needs to be the same amount to ensure a good clean cut. This tool is used to do that. It bends the teeth to the correct amount and ensures the offset is the same along the length of the blade.

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Q: What is a saw setting tool and how is it used?
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What is a saw for in RuneScape?

A saw is a tool that is used in the "Construction" skill.

What is A tool used to cut wood called?

The tool you use for cutting wood is a a saw

What is the purpose of a saw guide?

A speed square or rafter angle square is a tool that can be used as a saw guide. The purpose of this tool is to guide the saw when making short 45 and 90 degree angles.

What are tools starting with the letter u?

Undercut saw is tool. It is used in woodworking.

What is a tool beginning with the letter you?

An undercut saw is used in woodworking. It begins with the letter u.

What tool can be used to cut an exhaust pipe?

A simple hack saw will get the job done.

What tool do you use to saw a metal rod?

A hacksaw would be used to saw any metals.

What is a name of a tool that starts with the letter U?

The Undercut Saw is a tool. It is similar to a circular saw.

What tool is used for cutting bolts?

Some times a bolt cutter, sometimes a hack saw, sometimes a reciprocating saw is used to cut bolts..

What is a bladed tool?

a saw

How do use saw in a sentence?

It depends on the meaning, if its the past tense of see then, I saw my neighbor water his plants today. if you mean the tool saw then , I used a saw to make a fine finish on my timber. ;D

What is a list of four carpentry tools?

-Chop saw used for shortening boards. -Table saw used for ripping boards in half -Skill saw a portable saw that can be brought almost anywhere. -The Hammer is the most used tool in carpentry but is now being replaced by the air nailer.