What is a school organization?

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according to stath's view,"school organisation is concerned with the process of regulations, forms, calenders, schedule, arrangements of material, human, equipments and other facilities of work."

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Q: What is a school organization?
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What are the principles of school organization?

school organization is dynamic process

Difference between school organization and business organization?

school organization and business organization is same and different?

What are major aspect of organization of the school of the future?

What are major aspect of organization of the school of the future?

Identify the characteristics of school as an organization?

School is an organization because there are different departments working harmoniously. Administration Management Faculty Services These departments make a school a complete organization.

Is school an organization?

Any place with people in a hierarchy is an organization.

How can organization be used in a sentence?

My friend and I learned about organization at school.

What is the best high school organization?

I say that Kappa Phi Alpha is the best (hso) high school organization.

Is school a formal organization?

Yes the school is a formal organizationu

What is the definition of a school organization?

This is an organization which is formed from the students of a particular school--a sports team, a club or a marching band for example.

Example of utilitarian organization?

An utilitarian organization is a formal organization. Examples of this type of organization would be government agency, school or business.

How does organization help you in school?

organization helips you in school. It helps you because it's easier to keep track of all work Your welcome

What has the author Henry Fred Alves written?

Henry Fred Alves has written: 'Principles and procedures in the organization of satisfactory local school units' -- subject(s): Public schools, School management and organization 'Local school unit organization in ten states' -- subject(s): Public schools, Education, School management and organization, School superintendents and principals, Finance

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