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What is a school secretary?

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A school secretary of a student class body takes care of any issues and creates agendas to dicuss the ideas or issues. This job needs a person with a good honest and trustworthy personality.

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A slogan for running for school Secretary?

If you want your school to be the best, vote for the best! NAME for secretary!!

Can a secretary at school unexcused you if your mom says you're excused in Iowa?

The secretary at your school can not unexcused you. Only the school board can unexcused you.

How do you use the word secretary in a sentence?

I saw my secretary this morning when i walked into school!

Who is the secretary of jefferson school district michigan?

harrow school beijing

How do you write a manifesto for aspirin assistant general secretary of a school?

you write what you will do for the school

Why has the work of school secretary has changed?

The work of the school secretary has changed with time because of the increased administrative roles played by school secretaries. The introduction of new job specifications has forced school secretaries to perform roles that were originally designated to the school principals.

Do you need your high school diploma to be a secretary?

Yes, you do.

What does a school secretary do?

The school secretary is an important person to know at your child's school. He or she takes care of administrative details, schedules appointments and handles school communication. The school secretary is aware of what's going on at the school on a day-to-day basis. This makes him or her an excellent source of information for parents. The school secretary is the person you'll call about such things as registration, bus schedules, school lunches, after-school programs and immunization requirements. You should call the school secretary when your child will be absent, unless the school has a telephone recording device for this purpose. At some schools you'll contact the secretary to set up appointments to talk with the principal or your child's teacher. An elementary school usually has just one school secretary who may very well do everything from calling a parent about a sick child to posting notices for a school meeting. Large middle schools and high schools, on the other hand, are likely to have several secretaries, or administrative assistants, with different areas of responsibilities. In this case, try to be as specific as possible regarding the person you want to speak to or the concern you want to address. Keep in mind that the school secretary is usually busiest at the start and end of each day and at the start and end of each school year. Calling at less busy times will likely get you a more helpful response.

What are some funny slogans in you run for school secretary?

(hang over drinking fountain) free drinks on me! Vote ______ for secretary!

What was Mrs.Breithaupt's job?

Secretary at R.L. Hope Elementary School

What is the name of the Forks High School secretary?

Her name is Mrs Cope.

What do you call a person who looks after the money matters of a college or school?


In the book Twilight was is the name of the secretary at forks high school?

Mrs Cope

What is the name of the secretary at Bella's school in twilight?

She's called Mrs Cope.

How do I find out my middle school class schedule?

Ask a teacher or the school's secretary.

How long do students go to high school?

It depends on how long the school year goes. Ask the secretary the teacher of your student.

What does a student secretary do?

A student secretary maintains the records of school student councils, normally writing down the minutes of council meetings and assisting with meeting organization.

How many years does it take to become a secretary?

You don't need to go to school to become a secretary. You just need computer skills, and possibly hands on experience through an internship.

What are the educational requirements to become a secretary?

A secretary should have great language proficiency and excellent typing and organizational skills. They generally should also have at least a high school diploma.

Name the 15 cabinet positions?

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How much money does a medical secretary earn?

for 2yrs you need to go to school for not 8 months

What types of jobs are available for someone who has graduated from nursing school?

assistant computing secretary in office

What classes in high school must you take to qualify to be a secretary?

keyboarding, technology, and computer classes

What is the name of the secretary in the book The Best School Year Ever?

Her name is Miss Evelyn Farley.

Who is the secretary of DOT 2011?

Alberto Lim -Michael Kevin Buscado of Fulbright Science School...