What is a scop?

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Regarding FHA mortgage loans, how is the maximum permissible LTV ratio determined?
  • By a percentage of sales price
  • By federal statute
  • By the lender's competitive market analysis
  • By conventional loan rates

Where do collared scops owl live?

Answer . I'm not an expert on owls - but we have a collared scops (Otus bakkamoena, as best I know) that lives in our backyard in the city. He (I suspect its a he, because its been with us consistently for several months now - so doesn't seem to want to go and nest anywhere of have+look after bab ( Full Answer )

Word root Scop?

In contemporary English, one may frequently encounter the usefulroot-word of 'scope' (rather than 'Scop') in a variety ofexpressions and terms. With the basic meaning of 'vision,' thisroot-word is found in such terms as 'telescope,' 'microscope,''periscope,' and 'scoping' (a participial form of 'to ( Full Answer )

What is the habitat of an Indian Scops Owl?

Indian Scops Owl can be found in in south Asia with some birds wintering in Malysia and India. Its habitat is Woodlands and it nest in the holes of Tree trunks

Scop of biology?

it helps a lot in medical field to be a doctor or a surgeon or a scientist.

What is a Scop of marketing?

Marketing has a very broader scope but precisely we can say that in marketing We outline the origins and the different orientations of marketing debate the role of the marketer within a business environment evaluate the development of marketing consider marketing within the 'realistic' real ( Full Answer )

What was the role of a scop?

A scop was an Old English storyteller. He would entertain those at the medieval mead hall by reciting long poems, epics, songs, and stories. This later evolved to minstrels and such.

What eats the giant scops owl?

The giant scops owl mostly lives in the Philippines and feeds onsmall rodents. There is not a lot of information about theirbehavior, or what eats them but humans are their biggest threatbecause of deforestation.

How do you use scop in a sentence?

A scop is, essentially, a bard or poet in Anglo-Saxon England. Anexample sentence would be: The works by that specific scop are herfavorite.

What words start or end with scop?

Words that start or end with scop: scope. scoped. scopes. scoping. scopolamine. scopolamines. scops. scopula. scopulae. scopulas. There is no English word that ends with scop.

Do rifle scops fit on airsoft guns?

It can be done. A lot of airsoft guns have rails systems which are based on Weaver or MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) rails, and Weaver scope bases can be used on these rails, the same as they could be on a real firearm.

Who is a scop in literature?

A Scop is an Anglo Saxon bard who sings a song composed by himself or a traditional heroic deed in the court.

What did scops help to preserve?

nothing ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Often called a scop , the poet told older stories and embellished them, or changed them. Although the poet knew his material well, he always varied it in one way or another. The Anglo-Saxon scop, or poet, used cer ( Full Answer )

What is the scop of bba?

The "scope of BBA" refers to the curricular approach to earning a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. The main goals of a college or university business school are to increase the student's intellectual level, executive personality, managerial skills and leadership ability needed to run a su ( Full Answer )

What does the initials SCOP mean?

SCOP typically means Standing Conference of Principals of Colleges. In addition to this SCOP can mean Structural Classification of Proteins. One can find acronyms definitions via the official Acronyms website.