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An instrument that measures the shaking of the ground during an earthquake.

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Earthquakes are measured using a seisometer which detects tilts/movements of the plates within the earthquakes Charlotte x

1. Remote sensing ( Earth movements )2. GPS Global Positioning Satelites ( sense position of land )3. Laser reflectors ( record movements )4. Seisometer ( ground shake recorder )5. Heat and Gas emission sensors ( detects changes in magma )

Seisometer: Measures the movement of the earth using ground motion detection sensor. E.g Earthquakes which are measured on the Richter Scale. Barometer: Measures atmospheric pressure Tiltmeter: Measures changes in a slope of a landscape. Mostly used to measure buldges on volcanoes. Wind Vanes: Measures wind direction and are mounted at the height of the wind you are measuring. Pyrometer and Thermometer: They both measure heat but Pyrometer are usually used to measure extremely hot objects. Rain/Precipitation Gauge: Used to measure rain/precipitation Hygrometer: Measures amount of humidity in the atmosphere Anenometer: measures wind speed and wind pressure

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