What is a sentence for alternative?

As an noun:
If the blue striped tie won't match the suit, the alternative is the grey one.
Margarine was used as an alternative to butter, which was rationed.

As an adjective:
The alternative plan is to go to the beach if we can't get reservations for the ranch.
Deaf children are taught spelling by alternative methods.

(Other examples)

My parents gave me two alternatives, either boarding school or private school.

There is an alternative to getting that mortgage but the alternative is more expensive.

He did not wish to drive in the rain, but there was no alternative.

"I'm sorry, sir," she said with a frown as she glanced down at the stack of papers in front of her once more. "There just seems to be no alternative other than terminating your employment."

An alternative to wearing a raincoat is to use an umbrella.

We are taking the bus into town as an alternative to using the car.

For your fruit choice, you have three alternatives: banana, apple, or orange.

The alternative to answering this question is not to answer it.