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What is a sentence for enigmatic?

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Most art critics agree that it is Mona Lisa's enigmatic (i.e. mysterious) smile that draws attention to the painting.

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What is a sentence using the word enigmatic?

enigmatic = mysterious, puzzling, hard to understandShe smiled that enigmatic smile again

Sentence with the word enigmatic?

The old man gave the young girl a creepy, enigmatic smile.

How do you use the word enigmatic in a sentence?

Because of his reluctance to speak about himself, he remained quite enigmatic to people around him. Archaeologists learned little about the enigmatic predecessors of the Olmecs.

What is a good sentence for the word enigmatic in it?

The teacher's enigmatic grading system often left me with a headache that made it even more arduous for me to focus in his/her class.

How do you use enigmatic in a sentence?

The painting "Mona Lisa" is often said to have an enigmatic smile, in the sense that no one knows what this woman may have been smiling about.

How can you use enchanted in a sentence?

The mystical clearing in the enchanted forest was rumored to be very enigmatic.

Can you give me a Sentence with mystical?

The mystical clearing in the enchanted forest was rumored to be very enigmatic.

How do you use enigmatic in sentences?

The enigmatic director was quite clear with his instructions today. The enigmatic symbols have yet to be deciphered.

What does enigmatic mean-?

The enigmatic means mysterious or simply difficult to understand.

Hieroglyphics in a sentence?

Hieroglyphics is writing that uses enigmatic symbols. They found hieroglyphics on the walls of the room where they found the tomb.

When was Enigmatic - album - created?

Enigmatic - album - was created in 1970.

What is enigmatic person?

An enigmatic person is one who exhibits puzzling, cryptic or baffling characteristics. When a person is a seeming contradiction, you can describe him/her as enigmatic. It can be both a compliment or an insult.

What does enigmatic mean?


What is an enigmatic einsteinium?

Einsteinium is an artificial chemical element, unstable, radioactive, member of the actinides group, atomic number 99 - but it is not enigmatic.

What are other forms of enigma?

enigmatic i think

What are the release dates for Jerry Heggleman The Enigmatic Eye - 2010?

Jerry Heggleman The Enigmatic Eye - 2010 was released on: USA: April 2010

What is a nice word starting with e?

Enigmatic excitement

Define the word inscrutable?

difficult to understand; enigmatic

What is a synonym for 'mysterious' person?


What rhymes with enigmatic?

static, automatic, emphatic, attic

Who is The author of the enigmatic work The Trial is?

Franz Kafka

How do you change enigma to an adjective?

The adjective form is enigmatic.

What was Otzi's shelter?

The question remains enigmatic. Sorry.

What enigmatic sculpture stands one degree north?


How did Santa become Santa Claus?

Legendary entities are enigmatic, at best.