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Q: What is a sentence for primary pollutants?
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What is the difference between secondary and primary pollutants?

Some Primary pollutants are like when humans directly put them in the air Secondary pollutants are like when pollutants react with Primary and other Primary pollutants.

What are secondary pollutants and how do they form.?

secondary pollutants are pollutants that form when primary pollutants react with other primary pollutants or with naturally occurring substances

What the difference between primary and secondary pollutants?

Primary pollutants are pollutants that enters the air directly from a source and Secondary pollutants are air pollutantsproduced by the reaction of a primary pollutant with some other pollutant

Is secondary pollutants more harmful than primary pollutants?

Secondary pollutants can be more harmful than primary pollutants because they are often produced through chemical reactions involving primary pollutants and can be more toxic or have a greater impact on human health and the environment. Secondary pollutants can also have longer atmospheric lifetimes and travel further distances, contributing to air quality issues on a regional or global scale.

What type of pollutants is ozone and smog?

Ozone is a pollutant found in smog formed by the reaction of sunlight with pollutants like nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds. Smog is a mixture of pollutants, including ozone, particulate matter, and other harmful chemicals, that can have adverse effects on human health and the environment.

What is primary pollution?

Primary pollution refers to pollutants that are released directly into the environment from a specific source, such as emissions from vehicles or industrial plants. This pollution can include substances like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and particulate matter. Primary pollution directly contributes to environmental and health impacts.

What is a good sentence with the word pollutants in the sentence?

After pollutants were found in the water, the council had to turn it off until the problem was resolved.

What pollutants are pollutants in the air because of human activity?

the answer to this question is pretty simple and it primary pollutants

Photochemical smog is formed when primary pollutants interact with?

sunlight to produce secondary pollutants such as ozone and other volatile organic compounds. These interactions result in the formation of a hazy, brownish smog that can be harmful to human health and the environment.

Which of the following air pollutants is not a primary pollutant?

Ozone is not a primary pollutant. It is formed in the atmosphere as a secondary pollutant through reactions involving primary pollutants like nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds in the presence of sunlight.

What types of pollution are there?

Secondary pollutants. Secondary pollutants are pollutants caused by man. Which consider smog, chemical pollution,ect.. Primary pollutants. primary pollutants are pollutants that are caused by nature. Volcano's eruptions etc. pollution can be caused in the air water sound and any where in the environment

How do primary pollutants form?

There are two main types of primary pollutants: man-made pollutants and natural pollutants. Man-made primary pollutants are formed largely from combustion reactions used to create electricity and run the over one billion cars that are in the world today. These pollutants include Sulfur oxides (Sulfur dioxide, Sulfur trioxide), Carbon oxides (Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide), and Nitrogen oxides (Nitrogen dioxide, Nitrogen monoxide). Another type of man-made primary pollutant includes VoCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which are largely responsible for destroying the ozone layer. Natural primary pollutants are formed by natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, and volcano eruptions, and include dust, ash, and salt particles.