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I am all shopped out.

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Yesterday, I shopped for new shoes at the mall.

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Q: What is a sentence for shopped?
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What is a sentence for the word shopped?

She shopped all day and afternoon.We shopped for some really nice tea.

How can you use the word commissary in a sentence?

The Sergeant's dependents shopped in the commisary.

What would be a descriptive sentence with the word portly in it?

The portly man shopped for his clothing at the Men's Big and Tall store.

Who shopped at the agora?

The ancient Greeks shopped at the agora.

Has anyone shopped on eBay?

Yes i shopped on. Many peoples are shop on ebay.

What are the tenses for shopped?

I shop (present indicative). I will/shall shop (future). I shopped (past). I had shopped (past perfect). I would shop (conditional). That I shop (subjunctive). Shop! (imperative).

What is the past tense of shop?

The past tense of "shop" would be "shopped". bUT SOME SAY IT IS " SHOPED" BUT THE CORRECT IS "SHOPPED" WITH DOUBLE "P'' w/ /ED/.

How should you use bustling in a sentence?

The city streets were bustling with activity as people shopped and socialized.

Where Aesop shopped?


Miley's favorite stores?

I saw in a picture that she shopped at h&m I saw in a picture that she shopped at h&m

How many syllables does shopped have?


How do you put account for in a sentence?

When Noreen shopped at Bloomingdale's, she charged items to her account. John looked over his credit card account statement. The judge held the criminals to account for their robbery.