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Surpass is a verb. He trained hard in the off-season hoping to surpass his performance from the previous season.

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Q: What is a sentence for the word surpass?
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What are the sentence using the word surpass?

I aim to surpass your expectations. The existing record will be difficult to surpass.

Is a sentence with the word surpass?

With just a few more donations, we will surpass our fundraising goal.

A sentence for surpass?

Can you surpass my expectations? (surpass = out do, get further, overtake )

How do you use surpass in sentence?

To surpass means to do better. Here are some sentences.He will surpass me soon.I can surpass that score easily.If you surpass the top grade, you will be the class valedictorian.

What is the Latin word for surpass?


What Word means surpass in performance?


What word has the same meaning as surpass?


Surpass used in a sentence?

The student surpassed what he thought he was going to get on the test.

What is the latin word superant in English?

They surmount, they surpass.

Are there any words from the latin word magnus?


A sentence for emulate?

To emulate means to imitate or surpass either a person or an achievement. A sample sentence would be, "Children often emulate their elders".

Another word for go by?

go past, pass, pass by, surpass, travel by