Are there any words from the latin word magnus?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Are there any words from the latin word magnus?
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Latin word for the word THE?

Latin is like Japanese in that there is no word for the, nor any use for it. EDIT: While this is true in Classical Latin, common Latin (or vulgar Latin) did have a word for "the": ille, illa, illud (that/those). These words are the roots for and the reason that le, la, il, and the like are "the" in French, Spanish, and Italian.

Does the word neurotoxin have any Greek or Latin roots?

The word "neurotoxin" comes from the Latin words neuron(nerve) and toxicum (poison). The Latin words come from the Greek words neuro (cord) and toxikon pharmakon (arrow poison).

What is roman words for knowledge?

There are not any Roman words, Romans spoke a variety of different languages but the most dominant dialects were Latin and Greek. The Latin word for knowledge is 'conscienta' and in Greek is 'gnosis'.

Latin word for school?

"To learn" in Latin is discere (the root of our words "disciple", "discipline" and so on). How to translate any given occurrence of "learn" in an English text into Latin depends on the grammatical context.

Did terribles originated from any latin terms?

The word "terrible" does not originate from any Latin terms. The Latin term for one may be looking for is the Latin word "atrox." This word is the Latin for terrible, horror, and cruel.

What is the Latin word for 'dies'?

There are several words for die (or dies) in latin... here are some of the forms: * mori- die * transit- pass away/dies If you have any more questions about latin, ask me. :)

How do you say ninja in latin?

There isn't any! Latin doesn"t have words like ninja, pizza, things like that where there aren't any in their state.

Is aud latin?

No, "aud" is not Latin. "Aud" does not correspond to any Latin word.

Are horses quadrupeds?

Yes. The word "quadruped" is from the Latin words for "four feet". A quadruped is any four-legged animal.

Are there any Latin stems in the word fatigues?

The word "fatigue" is derived from the Latin word "Fatigatio," which has the same meaning.

Where does the word quad come from?

The word "quad" is short for "quadrilateral," which derives from the Latin words "quattuor" (meaning "four") and "latus" (meaning "side"). It is used to refer to any shape that has four sides.

How do you say makeup in Latin?

The Latin word for any cosmetic is medicamen.