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The demigod ruled with great power.

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Q: What is a sentence including the word demigod?
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What is a sentence including the word cacophony?

Here is a sentence: What is a sentence including the word cacophony? That is the sentence

What is the compound word in Latin for demigod?

The compound word in Latin for demigod is semi-deo.

What is the greek word for demigod?

The word is "ἡμίθεος" (hēmitheos).

What is the meaning of the title Percy Jackson and the demigod files?

The word files in the Demigod Files, to me, suggests secrecy. They are secret files about Camp Half-Blood and the life of a demigod.

How do I use the word Composition in a sentence referencing art?

Write a sentence including the word "creation" then replace it with "composition".

Is Rick Riordian a demigod?

He is a demigod. He is the son of the goddess Athena.Answer 2:You are a demigod if ...a) You have read Percy Jackson andb) Your best friend has cloven hoofs hidden in his sneakers.c) You have all the Percy Jackson books (including the survival guide, demigod files and plan on getting the demigod diaries)In all other cases you are NOT and never will be.

What is a other word for half-blood?

Another word for half-blood is demigod.

A sentence including the word poverty?

The area was poverty stricken.

How do you use the word demigod in a sentence?

Well, a 'demigod' is a half mortal-half God. Its just a noun So.... Percy Jackson was a famous demigod. Annabeth Chase fights many evil demigods. A demigod who is the son of Zeus usually has the ability fly. Demigods sired by Neptune cannot drown. That Venus demigod is dating Charlie. Unfortunately they are myths. The idea was created by the Ancient Greeks and Romans thinking Gods would sometimes come down to earth and hook up with humans :) hope this helped. If you don't understand the random sentence names READ THE PERCY JACKSON SERIES!!!! :D New answer. In mythology a demigod is the male offspring of a god and a mortal with some but not all the powers of a god.

What is a sentence using the word nimble?

I used Wiki Answers to cheat on my homework, part of which was writing a sentence including the word "nimble".

What is the meaning of the word Demigod?

The meaning of the word demigod has a few loose translational; the most common being that a demigod is the child of a god and a human. They have more power than a human but not as much as a god. Famous demigods include Hercules, Perseus, Helen of Troy, Achilles and Orion.

Can you make a sentence including the word there?

There are three worms on my fishing hook.

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