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Keep the lumber dry otherwise it will not ignite.

The lumber is stored in the cellar.

We need more lumber.

Lumbar and lumber are not the same thing.

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The lumber from the old barn was recycled to build a new deck.

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After he cut the lumber for the winter, he stacked it in the garage.

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Q: What is a sentence with the word lumber?
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What is a sentence for the word abundant?

The lumber supply in a forest is abundant.

How do you put the word lumber in a sentence?

We went to the lumber yard to pick up some 2 x 4s.

What is another word for lumber?

wood is another word for lumber

Use the word driftwood in a sentence?

There are lots of driftwood on this river, wonder if there's a lumber yard somewhere near.

What is a sentence using the word natural resources?

A tree grown to be harvested for lumber is a natural resource.

Is lumber a verb or adverb?

The word "lumber" is a verb and a noun."He is going to lumber the trees in the back garden".

Can you give a sentence with lumber in it?

The lumber industry provides raw materials for construction and woodworking projects.

What is the singular possessive noun in this sentence The need of America for lumber was great 100 years ago?

There is no possessive noun in the sentence:"The need of America for lumber was great 100 years ago."The sentence has to be reworded to use a possessive form noun:"America's need for lumber was great 100 years ago."A possessive noun is indicated by an apostrophe s ('s) at the end of a word that doesn't already end with an s; or just an apostrophe (') at the end of a plural noun that does end with an s.

How do you use lumber in a sentence verb?

To lumber is to move ponderously.An elephant will lumber around until it is aroused to flight.You lumber about like a grouchy old bear.

What is a sentence using the word lumber?

Lumber can be a noun meaning processed wood or timber, or a verb meaning to move slowly or ponderously.A convoy of trucks brought in lumber to build the internment camp in the desert.The colonel watched the enemy tanks lumber into position to block the road.

Which the lognest word in English?

uncut lumber

How many syllables does the word lumber have?

Two syllables.