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What is a sheeps?


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a sheep is a farm animal which you can get wool from and meat like mutton or lamb

mutton- older sheep

lamb- younger sheep :)


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its not, sheeps is better

Of course they do. Sheeps must defecate the same as most animals.

Wolves in Sheeps Clothing was created in 2006.

no because sheeps isn't a word, you only use the word sheep for example: 10 sheep 10 sheeps (doesnt how you say it in English)

sheeps are uselly found in farms but their skin is used to make cloths

"sheeps" is not standard English. The plural of sheep is just sheep.

Sheep are mammals, and give live birth (Sheep, not sheeps)

A sheeps heart is slightly bigger than a sheeps kidney.

Human Brains are similair in structure to a sheeps brain, sheep have larger olfactory bulbs though, sheeps brains are also not a large as humans.

Female Sheeps are called Ewes and Male Sheeps are called Rams.

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Fore Flank is in front of a sheeps Belly Rear Flank is behind a sheeps Belly (from a sidewards view)

They reproduce Internley

From the food that they eat

Sheep's eat grass.

It depends on the breed of sheep that you get.

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With a rectal thermometer.

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Sheeps are one, they catch seeds, I forgot what they are called I remember, dandelions, as their (sheeps) fur scrape against the dandelions their seeds get hold onto it, until sometime it falls of and that's how it gets dispersed. That's all I know sheeps are a disperser as well as dogs although they do the same thing as sheeps (using their fur, as the seeds fall of by their selfs).

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