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He's as crazy as a loon.

He's crazy as a coot

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Crazy like a fox is what figure of speech?


How do you use piteously in a simile?

piteous is crazy as a dog

What is a good simile about the solar system?

like a crazy ballgame of the gods

What is a simile for horrifying?

A simile is a comparison of one thing to another using the words "like" or "as". For example "She's as crazy as a loon" is a simile. "He's growing like a weed" is another.

What is the simile in Whirligig?

life can be like a whirligig (: crazy and always moving in different directions

The phrase As brave as a lion and Crazy like a fox are examples of what?


Is you feel like a limp dishrag a metaphor or simile?

simile its a simile when you use "like"

Is compete like a crazy a simile?

not really. a simile is when you are comparing something to something else e.g. the orange beach ball is as orange as the sun. you are not comparing something with something else if that makes sense. it depends though- its best to ask an English teacher :)

Is this class is like a circus a metaphor or simile?

A simile.

As cute as a bug in a rug simile or metaphor?

Since it uses the comparative word "as" it is a simile.

Is would be as hot as popping grease a simile or a metaphor?

It is a simile.

Is I felt like a cheetah when I ran the race a simile or a metaphor?

A metaphor

Is a simile a noun?

Yes the word simile is a noun. A simile is a figure of speech.

Is it a simile or a metaphor when it say as?


What is a simile about dads?

simile about dads

what is a simile for the weather?


What is a simile or metaphor for dendrites?


What is the simile of weather?

What is the simile as. As weather .

Is this a metaphor I'm as hungry as a bear?

No because it says as so that is a simile

Her hair was as shiny as a blackbirds wing Is this sentence a simile or metaphor?

Simile. it uses as

Is As sly as a fox a simile or metaphor?

It is a similie as you are comparing (something) to how sly the fox is. A similie uses the words "like or "as".

What is a simile of a rock?

One simile I have for you is, ''The rock was as big as an elephant ''.

What is a good simile for stuck?

simile for stuck

Simile- Her hair was as soft as.....?


What is a simile for the word benefit?

what is a simile for benifits

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